Published on November 26, 2021 (Updated on November 26, 2021)

Sticky Expansion (V1)

Slimes and Honey..2 Different items/blocks yet so less uses (Exept for mostly Redstone)However This pack is Perfect if you want new Things to play around with for Both Slime and Honey like Wax or new Decoration blocks and tools and weapons!Hope you enjoy :)


First here are the credits

I.Loves panda wanted me to link them so Here  <----


Lets start now shall we ;)

Lets start with all Recipes so I don't gotta explain that again




These are only some of them..
the rest you can see in the Crafting menu..

So lets start!

Honey Tools

These are really weak and have 40 Durability..
So not really worth.. However when hitting a mob it makes them not move for 5-10 Seconds (Crafted with honey bottles)


Again not really Worth the Delicious  Honey..

Next the Sticky Tnt!

When exploded it hangs on the wall! Even on Air B)

 Totally not a bug its a Feature    



It also does an Chain Reaction if your asking





Now Honey and Slime Layers!
These are kinda just fun tbh and decoration is they main use

these have 8 States and they do not let you bounce so don't even try it


Now the Wax Blocks
These are decoration stuff (Also has Doors and Trap doors pog)

that bee nest thing is a Nest Block which has this on all sides btw

there are Bricks,Polished and Normal ones



But lets get dangerous!
The Slime Bow!
Only works if arrow in Offhand (Also it takes the arrows away)

when hitting the ground it places Slime Glue which I explain later


And speaking of it Slime and Honey glue!

When someone stands on it they can't move anymore forever! (Exept if Block is broken)
For Players they can still Escape but they can't turn their head

But lets get even more dangerous!!

There are 2 types Slimy and Honey

They are about the same exept the Blocks they spawn




And Slime

Its kinda Op I know but eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Slime bricks also exist-



Now last but not Least..
slime and Honey on a stick!

the slime gives the mobs a huge knockback
The Honey does not give knockback and gives them slowness



And thats all!
Yea I really hope you enjoy :)

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gotta type some stuff here so I can Submit it B)


Install moment aswell turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features

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5 / 5 (4 votes)
This addon looks very cool! Please update it to 1.18
if will cool if add news slime mobs
For the slime arrow, I would suggest just making the vanilla slimeball throwable... It would be logical to also have the same function.
The textures on this mild are outstanding, beautiful.
There’s a five stars.

You should maybe add new biomes.