Published on November 04, 2021 (Updated on January 15, 2022)

Tools and Armor EX (V2)

New Tools and Armor? Like a big axe or Pickaxe or even a hoe? Welp, here I am To add that! ;) This adds New Tools and Armor into the Game which are even compatible with some of my Other addons! (These are linked at the End)Hope you enjoy it!! 

Lets start with the Big Pickaxe (Can be made from each Material)

It mines an Certain Area (Only STONE or DEEPSLATE)

Of blocks when breaking it

Nothing too special and pretty easy to make them too 


Next is Big Axe 
This one breaks (Almost) whole Trees!

KNOWN BUG: It sometimes doesn't break the Logs just try to break another Log then above the item dropped

Next of is the Big Hoe


It breaks an Big area of Leaves and Also can tilt an Big area!


Now we go to the Furnace Tools (ONLY WORKS IN ENGLISH)

When crafted they need to be put with a Block of Coal into the Crafting table to fuel them
However when they mine something they got a 5% Chance of going off so they got to be Fueled again

There is a shovel,Pickaxe and Axe of it
Shovel Autosmelts:

Red sand
Sandy Endstone (Endcraft)


Pickaxe Auto smelts:

Iron ,Copper and Gold ore


And also Custom Ores from Endcraft and (M)ore

And the Axe Auto smelts all Logs


There is also no Amethyst Ingots which can be made into Armor which have an throns effect (Also it deals damage when taking off)

It is  as Good as Iron Armor too!


Next is Slime (And with Endcraft Ender slime) Ingot and Armor!

Each piece has its own Ability!


Boots: Stop Fall Damage



Leggings: Give Jumpboost

Chestplate: Lets Mobs stick into you

Helmet: Stops Slimes from attacking you

Ender Slime crafted with gold and Ender slime

And Slime Ingot with Copper


Last but not least Invisible Diamonds!

In the Hotbar they are visible but in hand or when wearing its Invisible!

All Tools and Armor (Vanilia)

All tools and Armor from other of my addons:

There is aslo a Secret Tool the Vein miner pickaxe:

It mines all ores (Normal and Deepslate)

You can also Upgrade it with 8 Furnaces to get an Autosmelt Version! (However you won't get 100% o what you mined)


Here I won't show the recipes, since they are shown in the menu
Tool Modifieres!
Here the list of what they can modify

 Tool and Weapon Modifiers, maximum of 2 modifiers. 1 will not shine but 2 will (the one in the pic are Level 2 Modifieres)


>Diamond: increases durability by 500 


>Emerald: increases damage by 2


>Redstone: increases mining speed 


>Gold: increases enchantability,  decreases durability by 200


 >Lapis: when mining, occasionally gives xp

It won't keep the Enchantments btw Sadly.


Next up is Armor Upgrades!

Ender pearl 
Magma cream 
Slime And 
amethyst upgrade!

Ender pearl makes you randomly teleport when sneaking 
Magma cream makes you fire res and lets you move faster in lava and Magma cubes leave you be
 Slime armor you do not take fall damage, Slimes leave you alone, jump Boost and mobs stick to you 
Amethyst has a thorns like effect

well well..
Now to the less important Features..


Blackstone tools and Glass tools!
Blackstone tools are as good as Iron Tools!
Glass Tools are very fast but have little durability

Now to the Tnt and Fire Bow!

The Tnt Bow will Explode on impact

The Fire Bow Will put a 3x3 area around where it hits

The Addons its Compatible with:


Minecraft Better +






Thinks to know:
This uses Player.json so its not compatible with other Addons or many Addons

A Bug with Autosmelt is that with Vein Miner and Big Furnace Axe Will not always drop 100% Of ores or Logs



Hope you Enjoy this Addon :)))))))

Select version for changelog:


-Added Blackstone Tools
-Added Glass tools
-Added Tool Modifieres
-Added Armor Upgrades
-Added Fire Bow
-Added Tnt Bow

This is the Last update!
Only Bug fixed will happen!


turn on Experimental Gameplay Features
Turn language  on English

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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says that the download link has expired can you update it
Uses player.json. RIP
Personally, this addon is not my cup of tea- but I wanted to leave you a message. Don’t listen to the haters and keep doing what you’re doing. If people can’t be constructive about their criticism, they’re not worth listening to ;)
Agreed! Don't listen to the haters, modify player.json all you want!
bra this guy uses player.jason aswell. u gata sort this crap out,
It needs the file for status effects from armor and tools to be applied correctly I believe. No need to leave a bad review because the creator wanted to include a special feature in their addon. Not everything needs to be compatible. (This applies to all of you that posted this)
i agree, this shouldn't not use player.jason file
Mcpedl does not supported many creators. It denied my texture pack and is not saying why did it deny.
I want other people to try it.
They always leave a reason just go to your submision click edit on your post and read the reason! Most likely the description is not detailed enough.
I will try your texture pack if you send me the link:
[email protected]
Very cool keep it up! never seen anything like this before.
Good addon but please change the featured image.. It looks soo bad.
Could you maybe tell me what I can do better insteed of just saying its bad?
1. Fog effect looks weird
2. Textures are blurred (resize before inserting)
3. Lower the title and make it more pronounced. Maybe change the angle its facing more toward the viewer. Use "&" instead of "and" (Also recommended for title) and make the text more Centered.
Also redue the screenshot to where your not looking at a angle.