Published on November 04, 2021 (Updated on July 27, 2022)

Tools and Armor EX (V3) Last Update

New Tools and Armor? Like a big axe or Pickaxe or even a hoe? Welp, here I am To add that! ;) This adds New Tools and Armor into the Game which are even compatible with some of my Other addons! (These are linked at the End)Hope you enjoy it!! 

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-Added Tooltips
-Added Support for Radioactivecraft, (M)ore, and Modern Machinery


-Furnace Tools no longer run out of fuel
-Changed Effect of Slime Helmet and Slime Boots
-Fixed Big Hoes
-Pickaxes break their perspective blocks now
-Axes break their perspective blocks now
-Shovels break their perspective blocks now



-This addon does not use Player.json anymore
-Removed Armor Upgrades
-Removed Support for Endcraft and Minecraft Better+
-Removed Big Furnace Axe




This is the Last update!
Only Bug fixed will happen!


Supported Minecraft versions

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says that the download link has expired can you update it
Uses player.json. RIP
Personally, this addon is not my cup of tea- but I wanted to leave you a message. Don’t listen to the haters and keep doing what you’re doing. If people can’t be constructive about their criticism, they’re not worth listening to ;)
Agreed! Don't listen to the haters, modify player.json all you want!
bra this guy uses player.jason aswell. u gata sort this crap out,
It needs the file for status effects from armor and tools to be applied correctly I believe. No need to leave a bad review because the creator wanted to include a special feature in their addon. Not everything needs to be compatible. (This applies to all of you that posted this)
i agree, this shouldn't not use player.jason file
Mcpedl does not supported many creators. It denied my texture pack and is not saying why did it deny.
I want other people to try it.
They always leave a reason just go to your submision click edit on your post and read the reason! Most likely the description is not detailed enough.
I will try your texture pack if you send me the link:
[email protected]
Very cool keep it up! never seen anything like this before.
Good addon but please change the featured image.. It looks soo bad.
Could you maybe tell me what I can do better insteed of just saying its bad?
1. Fog effect looks weird
2. Textures are blurred (resize before inserting)
3. Lower the title and make it more pronounced. Maybe change the angle its facing more toward the viewer. Use "&" instead of "and" (Also recommended for title) and make the text more Centered.
Also redue the screenshot to where your not looking at a angle.