Published on September 17, 2021 (Updated on January 20, 2022)

Endcraft! (V4.1) Fix Update!

Don't you hate the End. So Boring..So Empty..WELL NOT ANYMORE!!!This Addon adds not just new Biomes to the End. It also adds new Structures. New Mobs or Ores and much more!Anyways I hope you enjoy it :) 

First Of Credits:



The first Biome is the Infernal Forest:


The Infernal Forest has Trees and a lot more!

Also Yes out of the Planks you can make the same stuff as with normal wood.

Lumen Good Spawns around the Infernal Forest and on break drops lumen which can be eaten



Other Food btw:

Next one is the 
Warped End

MCPEDL Won't let me post the image sooo sorry-


This is the most Boring Biome but the most peacefull one! IT also has Warped Trees
Btw you can use Twisted vines  to make Paper now


The next one is the 
Ashed Waste

This Biome has a new Type of sand which can be used the same way as Sand can be used 

The Cactus can be made into Purple dye and into Sticks:

In the Ashed Waste is Also Powdered Endstone

Only can be picked with a Bucket. When Stepping on it has a Chance of Teleporting you randomly

Next is the Bloody Hills!



This Biome has a Fog and a new Stem Type (It also has creepy ambient Sounds)!

The Grass can drop seeds which can be planted on Obsidian or Bloody obsidian

The last stage drops Wheat which can be made into bread


Also the Bloody Sappling (The one ontop of the Bloody obsidian) can be bone mealed to get a Bloody tree!
Also the Leaves drop seeds+the saplings too


Next Biome is the Between Cloud

This Biome Spawns high up and is really Big! It has its own Wood type too





It adds 5 new Ores for now 

This one Tungsten can be mined with Wooden Pickaxe or higher

The Ender pearl ore drops 1-3 Ender pearls.
The white ore however is Tungsten. It has the same uses as Iron and used in many recipes



Another Ore is Argonite

This one is like Quartz for the End (Needs wooden Pickaxe too)

Another Ore is harcadium (Needs stone Pickaxe or higher)

Its like Coal and also be used to make Torches


And last one is Enderlieft  (needs Diamond or higher)

Its a lot Better then Netherite and Can be made in the Fusion Table


Here are all Recipes of the Fusion Table:




First of the Ender Museum

In it are random Blocks from the Overworld and Nether

These blocks however are random


next is ruined End portal which spawns in the End and Overworld

The loot inside is really good and can contain really rare items




One Mob is the Ender Slime iwhich drops Ender Slime balls



It also can Teleport (Yes it takes damage when in Water)


Another Mob (Actualy 3 mobs)
Are the Void Phantom
Warped Cpig
And Infernal Cow

They behavier is the same as the Normal ones


Next and Last is the Swarm Floater

The Swarm Floaters are neutral and will sometimes attack. 

Sometimes now (they do only 1 heart damage)
However they can drop their soul (Normal and Angry) which can be made into a lot of rare stuff


Next is the Bloody Worm! This will Attack the Player and drop Bloodystone dust

And last is the Ancient Builder (W.I.P)


They Don't spawn now but they will soon so just be patient!


Other Things:

Colored Endstone Spawns around the End:

And The End Has Caves now!:



Super Ender pearls Rarely Dropped From Endermans

Also The Custom UI won't work with other custom crafting tables so I made this

(This is also in the Modpack Laithcraft)

In this update I have added 3 things to the Ashed waste


The first thing is a Structure which is a ruined Pillar 

The new Stuff on the Ground is Wasted Bush and Ashed Bloom (They don't have a use but will have it soon...)


This is Everything For V3 of ENDCRAFT!




The Warp End Update!
First the whole Environment has changed!
There is Fog and snow like particles


 This is not all Of course..




Warpwarp is a new decoration block that ages!
It has many stages and it takes a long time to age. You can make unageable but can't return the stage sadly..


And how to make it?

With the Warpwarpfruit!

There are 2 ways to get it!
First is Warpcane!
It growls fast and has 3 uses.
To make Warpwarpfruit
And Paper

And the Other way is the Warplight (leave from the Warp trees)

When broken they got a 1% chance of dropping rather the Fruit or Warpcane.

And speaking about leaves.. A new Warp Tree/Log!

And speaking of woods..
Every Wood type now has their own Bookshelf/Crafting table/Fence/Door

And Oh bookshelfs...
There is a new type of Enchanting table! the Advanched table!
Interact with a Advanched Book to get an new Enchantment

Its used to get 2 new enchantments!
Black hole and Water Aspect!

Black hole will when mining something the item will tp to you (Each level is a different radius) Max Level is 3

And water Aspect will hurt Mobs that get hurt in water a lot more (Max level is 5)
It can kill a shulker in 2 hits when its closed. 

They can only be enchanted on Enderlieft btw..

Speaking off Enderlieft!
the only way to upgrade it is Alexandrite!

And what is Alexandrite?
That is the Diamond ore in the End!

It has the normal and Tough version.
The Tough version is the only way to get the armor/Tools.

has to be a Black Furnace


Its as Good as Diamond but a little more stronger


Also the Ore needs an Iron pickaxe+

Alexandrite Also is used to make Advanched Table

Also there is a new Design of the Ender meuseum!

Its also renamed to Ender Gallery!






Another thing is a new plant!



A new Mob has been added too!
The warpman. Its stronger then a enderman and doesn't tp
It drops diamonds however

And thats really Everything for V4.1!
This took me really long to make!
Hope you enjoy!
Cya :D

Select version for changelog:


-Fixed Enderlieft Armor being broken
-Added more Recipes
-Fixed Door and Fences not being craftable



Also Turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features

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4.5 / 5 (12 votes)
takes a long time to render the parts of the world
i dont know why but when i try to add the texture pack in it said "required dependency"
how can i fix it
i've got a mob suggestion: the end crawler. it would be sliiightly simular to a spider, but still quite different. for example it would have long limbs simular to a daddy long legs irl. maybe it could also be added together with a new structure: the crawler nest. these would just kind of be some nest possibly around the sides/bottom of the end islands. i haven't thougth about this idea a lot, but currrently i'm just making things up for a possible rough idea of what it would be like. in the crawler nest crawler larvae would spawn, which could maybe even be caught with something for a use i haven't managed to think of yet. these larvae will grow to adult crawlers after quite a while, and possibly wander out of the nests to go and find either some prey or plants to eat. this means crawlers are omnivores. they can climb, otherwise they'd just be stuck inside their nests at the lower parts of the islands. as i said they are omnivores, but i never mentioned what the prey could be exactly: just some quite small animals and creatures. i've been typing all of this while still thinking by the way, and also got an idea for a drop: crawler silk, could be used to make rope ladders: you'd be able to place rope ladders on the sides of a block, but different from normal ladders, they can hang onto other rope ladders, like vines can with other vines. possibly these rope ladders could also be placed in the same way you can place scaffolding, but downwards instead of upwards. so far that was all i could think of real quick, i have no idea if things could be too complicated, but i'd like to know what you think! this was all just quickly made up so it's a bit of a rushed idea but possibly if you like it, you could try to make it, and modify it as much as you want if you think some things don't really fit, are too complicated or have any other problems that could cause trouble.

edit: I DIDN'T REALIZE HOW MUCH I TYPED (btw for some reason mcpedl decided to just cut some words in half)
Lol im not gonna read anything on this page and five star this, time for blind gameplay
this is a end mod from 30+ addons (minesanity)
BUG- All ores have a infinite dupe glitch when using silk touch. I mined one piece of future debris and every other ore with any silk touch pick i get the ore block and the ore, so you can just place the ore block back down and it keeps giving you more
Thats fixed thanks for the report
how to obtain futuristic debris?
Underrated! Very good add on ! keep going !
Very nice addons!
maybe u can replace other mobs than cows and pigs!

just my opinions...overall everything are great
Really cool! Definitely an improvement to the end, tho I think being able to craft end portal frames is a little OP, maybe you could make it a little more expensive or the drop of the soul rarer, other than that, really good. Expecting more updates :)
cool add-on, can you add more mobs, and awesome animations?
No me expliqué bien en mi otro comentario. Lo que quería decir es que los biomas parecen centrarse en un solo color y con la niebla extra se ve bastante mal. Además las estructuras son bastante simples, algo que no concuerda con la estética de esta dimensión. Los mobs son poco originales y muy fuera de lugar. Mis recomendaciones son mejorar las texturas de los biomas. Intenten tomar de inspiración a otros complementos como Abstract's Recraft, End Expansion y mi favorito: Enderite Addon (Update!) Además de cambiar esa espantosa niebla y los mobs que no concuerdan con esta dimensión. No es una crítica destructiva, solo quiero lo mejor para este complemento ya que hace falta muchos complementos parecidos que mejoren una dimensión olvidada por Mojang
La neta está bien pinche feo todos los nuevos biomas que trae el complemento, prefiero jugar sin este.
Wow, excellent addon, can you add more end mobs