Published on May 11, 2022 (Updated on September 16, 2023)

Advanced Enchants [V.3] || More Enchants!

Are the Minecraft enchantments boring? Well, fear not! Advanced Enchants adds 8  new Enchantments into Minecraft!

These Include the "Curse of Neptune" that freezes mobs! Or "Corruptions" that stun Mobs!

Hope you enjoy this addon!

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-Changed the link of the addon
-changed a few recipe bugs


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pls update for 1.20 minecraft
Is there a way to remove the descriptions?
Hi these are enchants u should add in next update please add these
Sweeping edge l-lll sword
Hit multiple mobs in an area
Vampiric I-II sword Heals you when hitting enemies
Consuming l-ll sword
Killing mobs restores hunger bars
Venomous slash 1-3 sword
Poisons enemies overtime and weakening them and applies nausea 3 secs after getting hit
Blessing 1 shield
When successfully blocked a attack will get positive effects
Repulsion 1 shield
Knockback enemies when hit
I really liked these enchantments. the one with the rays is very cool . you should add an armor enchantment. divine protection. that way the lightning wouldn't hurt you nor his fire. and i think you could add an e enchantment table too. a single message to get some of these enchantments the rarest
Can this work with modded structures? Like finding these new enchants inside them?
could you allow mobs to have the enchants on there gear
also can you add an enchants for armor (if possible)
Name Suggestions:
Sky Strike -> Aether's Blessing
Curse of Neptune -> Curse of Poseidon
Earth's Hero -> Gaia's Reward
Chance of the Farmer -> Agricultural
Origin of Stars -> Infused Star
If you made this with leather, stone, chainmail, and gold I would LOVE this pack.
I feel like Butcher might be a better name for the Hunter enchant.
Please in the next update make it so that every tool can be enchanted. Its very saddening that you're held back until you find diamonds to enchant your tools. You're also delayed until you find structures, so maybe make some enchants like craftable while the more op ones are in structures. Maybe also add tier like Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical, and maybe even Godly?

This has a crap ton of potential to finally bring custom enchants the right way. Please don't fail in this mission because if you implement this the right was you could become one of the most recognizable bedrock addon creators.
Thanks for the feedback!
I think I gotta agree with most things,
Yet about the "crafting" them is something I most likely won't add
would the loot be added in a already made world? some addons dont have the items spawn in chests due to the world already being loaded in.
It depends if the chunks are loaded in or Not
Nice addon! I know the 1.18.30 update probably ruined your plans but you still did a great job! 👍
Men I like the APK but we here is mod not app pls update it I want this