Published on November 14, 2021 (Updated on May 24, 2022)

Village and Pillage+ V2 [Compatible with Other Addons]

Villager and Pillage+ IS an Expansion for both Pillagers and Villagers!It mostly adds Tweaks and even adds 2 new Mobs for Villagers and Pillagers!And hey maybe now you see a reason not to kill them all :)))) 

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-Added Deepslate versions of the ores
-Added info for most things
-Glowing Obsidian now works again


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Ngl human meat and new copper arent necessary
Love the addon but please add more villager stuff for their professions, like fletchers could shoot bows and clerics could use and throw positive effect potions
And remove human meat. Man, makes me think about blood.
Remove this rubbish download and replace it with mcaddon.
Wtf is with that human meat? Man
The Total of Copy Useful to me
i really like this addon it makes the villagers more useful how they depress buttons for some of job that they can do and more trade-ins for ores / gems and the new Illager mob which mines Cobblestone and Stone 10?10