Published on October 05, 2021 (Updated on November 07, 2021)

Redstone + (Beta 0.3.0)

Ever wanted More Redstone things in Minecraft? WELL SAY NO MORE! This Addon adds New Redstone things like Colored Redstone Lamps and much more! Everything is survival Friendly too (This is just a beta hope you enjoy it)

Colored Redstone Lamps

These can be activated with normal Redstone stuff (Exept Buttons,levers,Observers and Day light sensor)

The Recipe is Fairly Simple

Known Bug: If too many (About 140 or more) Are placed The Game can Lag!



Next Up is the Timer Block

It has 10 stages

0 Tick (Deactivated)

10 Tick (0.5 Seconds)

20 Tick (1 Seconds)

30 Tick (1.5 Seconds)

40 Tick (2 Seconds)

50 Tick (2.5 Seconds)

60 Tick (3 Seconds)

70 Tick (3.5 Seconds)

80 Tick (4 Seconds)

90 Tick (4.5 Seconds)

100 Tick (5 Seconds)

You can change them by interacting

If the Timer is up it will send a Signal to a Repeater next it (ONLY REPEATER)

Next it the Redstomizer!
When getting a Signal (only Lever, redstone wire, repeater or Redstone Block/Torch)
It will send an Signal to a Random Diraction (Only to repeaters)

it Won't spam it so you gotta deactivate the Signal then Activate it again to send another Signal!


Next up is Megstone which is an Ore (needs wooden pickaxe+)

The Block can pull Items to it
However its pretty slow
So then here is the Magnet! 

Its a lot faster (better if you place more of them in a place the item goes to the nearest then)


The Block always Works but the Magnet Only with Redstone


Next is Block Breaker and Placer
The breaker breaks any blocks (Exept Creative blocks and Bedrock)

The breakers needs an Redstone Signal to work

The Placer However always works however can only place these blocks (+ You need to put your language to English)

Redstone Block
Diamond Block
Iron Block
Copper Block
Gold Block
Emerald Block
Gravel Block


Next the Block rotator




When Getting a Signal it will Rotate the Block it points to (It also saves Data of the Block)

Next up the Redstone Chains a small Thing which activates some things Only for this Addon!


Next the Redstone Lantern!

These Only Light Up when getting an Signal

Now the Block Detector (W.I.P Block!)

It sends an Signal (Repeaters only) When Active

(Only Works with the Blocks shown)
Interact with them with a Certain Block and they will detect the Block if its around them.



Dimmable Light! (Redstone Lamp)

The Light Emited is based on the Signal Strenght it gets

Another Version is the The Segment Indicator which will show how much the Signal is based on the Redstone "Liqud" Shown



This is All for the Third Beta!
Suggestions can be in the Comments Or my Discord Server!

Select version for changelog:


-The Game less Lags
-Added Redstone Lantern
-Added Dimmable Lantern
-Added The Segment Indicator
-Added The Block Rotator
-Added Block Detector
-Buttons now Work with Redstone stuff
-Added Redstone Chains


Instal it pog

Also Experimental Gameplay Features on

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Debiesen de agregar tuberías, que funcionen con las tolvas, rediseñar el Redstone y hacerlo cable, para que más de una señal pueda ir por el mismo cuadro, nosé si se puede, incluso me pondré a aprender🤔
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the best redstone mod for minecraft bedrock. how about increasing piston push limit and maybe make it so that dispensers can put lava and water in couldren
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You can't change the piston push limit in bedrock. This is because you cannot change vanilla blocks. A custom block might be possible, but it would be complex.
As for the dispenser thing, that would be possible, but it would be up to Laith to add it.
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When I say possible for the dispenser thing, I mean by, through a custom block. Sorry about not elaborating.
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Please somehow make redstone waterloggeble
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That is impossible, because you cannot change vanilla blocks.
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I suggest that you should also make block rotator, different slime blocks,and reapeter extender which the pulse of repeater doubles
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Awesome to see coloured redstone lamps back in action again an some new redstone tools even more awesome!
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Great addon👍🏻
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Good work keep it up
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In fact, you can't use it in any lower version.
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