Published on May 15, 2022 (Updated on June 15, 2022)

Ore Trees [Addon compatible!]

Yes yes, another Ore Trees addon!But.. this one is pretty special!This Ores addon doesn't just add the Vanilla ore trees. This addon is also compatible with other "ore" addons like (M)ore!Hope you enjoy it!

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-added the following trees:
 -> Strontium

-Removed the Following Trees:

Strontium is an ore that will be in the next Version of Radioactivecraft and to prepare for it I already added them here. Therefore you won't be able to craft the Strontium Sapling


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Please fix the silicon tree whenever I break it , all it gives is nickel sap and nickel saplings
Tree textures very good
I disappointed this addon is rated one star. Here five stars.
does the m ore, or Radioactivecraft uses player.jason file?
hers 5, didn't mean to give one, for ur hard work, good to no it does not use player.json, does it work with vatonage ore trees aswell?
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