Published on April 24, 2020 (Updated on April 27, 2020)

Advanced Bow + Crossbow Addon

Are you bored of your bow? Does it feel boring now? How about giving it another functionality like explosive projectile? Let's make it happen! No need to type anything. Just install this Addon on your map and you are ready to go!

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Added new firing modes

- antigravity

- lightning

- teleport

Now works with crossbow

Nerfed gatling damage

Supported Minecraft versions

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i rate it 3 cuz it used to work and with a wand texture lamazing llamma joke now im trying to do it again but tthe bow just goes on speed mode so i rated it a 3
so please make a durrect mediafire
Make the link Medifiar
i have a problem when try to change the fireing mode it is allways stuck on high speed and doesnt change im on MCBE can you fix this bug
yeah i also stuck in high speed firing mode thats kinda anoying
My rating!!!
IDK I don’t know how to get the new version!!!
Cuz ur a Kid that pirated Minecraft
I have a Question?
1- Is there a way to disable a certain functionality to a player?
Ex. ( i have a smp Lan world, allmost all the people use the tnt function, and its lagging out my game)
2- Is this compatible in mcbe 1.16?
I have suggestion. How about homing arrows?
Stupid thing doesnt work.
A lot of people have already tried it, and it worked. Maybe you did something wrong or you don't how to use addon.
Wow is awesome thank you
Hi im having a problem with this addon when i ever sneak the chat will pop up but when i try to shoot a arrow its not exploding or even shoot lightning
Download link is broken. It leads me to world of tanks, not on mediafire or something.
I just clicked the wrong button, i am idiot. Addon is awesome!
Guest-4688737041 May 22, 2020 at 9:49 pm
Hears! I love this addon, it is great in my opinion.
can i make a little suggestion? I think you may like the idea, it would be to be able to merge some modes, for example:
Glating mode + Fire mode
Explosive Mode + Lighting mode

I hope and you like the idea ;)
Gravity gun already exists. I saw it on youtube.
Its a mod though. Not an addon.
I taught awesome229 how to do that. He will be the one to release that. ??
So, I was wondering if you could add a gravity gun addon. I know there is one but that one is a mod. Thanks.

Btw: I friend requested you is discord. My name is P1xe1at3d V-G.
I'm an currently working on a 'gravity gun'
Guest-9758883780 May 11, 2020 at 2:44 am
Can you please put an ice bow please that would be really good please