Published on June 07, 2020 (Updated on January 04, 2022)

Damage Indicator Addon v3.1.1 [Bug Fix]

Do you want to make your minecraft experience more of a rpg game? So, what's missing? Damage Indicator! Yes! Some of us wanted to see the damage we deal to our enemies. This addon does the job for you. 


Here's the video for quick understanding :



- Shows the damage dealt enemy and also heal amount

- Monitors HP precisely

- Vanishes when invisible

- Maximum render distance of 20 blocks

- 3 options are available: Health Bar, Heart Icon and Combination of the two

- Resource pack only (Achievement-friendly)


- Download options to choose from 



Health Bar

Green: 50 - 100% HP

Yellow: 25 - 49% HP

Red: 1 - 24% HP


Heart + Health Bar

  • Can read 999 HP


- Optional Minecraft Font 

  • Minecraft Dungeons Font


- Bossbar (bonus) 


- This addon monitors the health of an entity, not the actual damage itself. So if the damage dealt exceeds the entity's remaining hp, the damage shown is the remaining hp and not the actual damage. 

- Maximum damage can be shown is 100. Any value that exceeds will only show "100".



- There are 3 options available 



  • You tell me



Please feel free to report bugs. I will highly appreciate it. Enjoy! 😊👍

Select version for changelog:



  • Fixed damage indicator not showing


  • To install the font, it must be put on top of the damage indicator


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Where is the link because I can not Dowloaded
Will you add a boss health bar sub pack?
hello Coptaine,
I'm HermitMiyu from NPT-a China translation team ,can I sole agency your resources and translate them to China Resource platform?
they are not for any business or embezzlement,and we will annotate the information about you and your resources !
¿Es posible hacerlo funcional con entidades de otros Add-ons, por que no se si el add-ons lo configuraste un solo comando de barra de vida po entidad del juego vanila, ¡Probaste o existe un comando que lo aplique con todas las entidades de un mundo ya sea propias de vanilla y de add-ons?
Looks pretty cool does it work with custom entities?
can you make it compatible with cosmetic mod v2
This is really good, btw i was wandering can you make a separate pack where the hp indicator is only for players?
Uh is it possible for you to make it look like the rlcraft damage indicator version?
Thank you i really like it
Hello Copitane,
This pack is amazing, and I really enjoy seeing HP. However, I have been trying to add my custom entities into the pack so their health shows up, but I can’t get it to work. Would you mind helping me out with it? My discord is Herobrine64#3928.
VictoriousMaverickPlayz December 20, 2021 at 1:40 am
You should use Minecraft Ten font instead of Minecrafter for the damage indicator. I also suggest that health should be hidden when crouching, like how player gamertags disappear when crouching. Good pack.
When another resource bundle is used, it is overwritten and not displayed.I don't know if it can be made like "Detect creature (all), display the health", including mod creatures.I don't know how to write code, so that's just my guess.
when you crouch it should hide your health bar
when im doing intros for my videos theres this big heart and 20 next to it and it's really annoying
Sometimes the damage number is not displayed when killing a creature with one bow strike.
Is there any way to apply it to custom creatures and other mod creatures?