Published on January 12, 2021 (Updated on January 13, 2021)

Advanced Ores And Weapons

This addon adds new weapons and many ores for you to explore in your minecraft like ruby, sapphire, iridium, titanium, etc. if you have suggestions for future updates leave in the comments below :)

Here I will give details about the items of the addon. any questions leave your comment and also comment ideas for future updates.

The ores are spread over the world.

location of each ore.

Sapphire: 0,12y

Ruby: 0,12y

Topaz: 0,12y

Pink diamond: 0,12y

Amethyst: 0,12y

Peridot: 0,18y

Crystal: 0,15y

Aquamarine: 0,22y only in ocean biomes

Onyx: 0,11y

Titanium: 0,10y

Uranium: 0,10y

Cobatl: 0,22y

Paladium: 0,22y

Copper: 0,75y

Tin: 0,73y

Lead: 0,70y

Silver: 0,64y

Nikel: 0,55y

Platinium: 0,17y

Aluminium: 0,40y

Rainbow: 0,11y

Ambrosium: 0,72y

Zanite: 0,35y

Gravitite: 0,13y

Azurite: 0,11y

Halite: 0,12y

Fire Meteorite Fire: 0,12y

Ender Ore: 0,11y

Iridium: 0,15y

Vibranium: 0,11

Basic Swords↓

  • Copper Sword: Damage: 5
  • Tin Sword: Damage: 5.5
  • Lead Sword: Damage: 5.5
  • Silver Sword: Damage: 6
  • Nikel Sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Aluminium Sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Platinium Sword: Damage: 8
  • Iridium Sword: Damage: 9
  • Peridot Sword: Damage: 7
  • Crystal Sword: Damage: 9.5
  • Aquamarine Sword: Damage: 10
  • Redstone Sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Cobalt Sword : Damage: 7
  • Paladinium Sword : Damage: 10
  • Peridot Paladium Sword: Damage: 20
  • Cobalt Paladium Sword : Damage: 20
  • Dark Paladium Sword : Damage: 27
  • Sapphire Sword: Damage: 9.5
  • Topaz Sword: Damage: 10
  • Pink Diamond Sword: Damage : 8
  • Ruby Sword: Damage: 11
  • Amethyst Sword: Damage: 12.5
  • Emerald Sword: Damage: 13
  • Obsidian Sword: Damage: 14.5
  • Fire sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Onyx Sword: Damage: 15
  • Steel Sword: Damage 24.5
  • Dark Steel Sword: Damage: 30
  • Halite Sword: Damage: 16
  • Azurite Sword: Damage: 14
  • Whiter Sword: Damage : 25.5
  • Nether Star Sword: Damage : 36.5
  • Rainbow Sword: Damage: 27
  • Kyanite Sword: Damage: 12
  • Pink Tormaline Crystal Sword: Damage: 15
  • Dark Sword: Damage: 26
  • Ender Sword: Damage: 31
  • Vibranium Sword: Damage: 13

Aether Swords↓

  • Ambrosium Sword: Damage: 4.5
  • Zanite Sword: Damage: 6.5
  • Gravitite Sword: Damage: 8 

Meteorites Swords↓

  • Fire Meteorite Sword: Damage: 18.5
  • Star Meteorite Sword: Damage: 70 

Super Swords↓

  • Super Wood Sword: Damage: 6
  • Super Stone Sword: Damage: 7
  • Super Iron Sword: Damage: 12
  • Super Gold Sword: Damage: 10.5
  • Super Diamond Sword: Damage: 14
  • Super Netherite Sword: Damage: 16.5
  • Super Sapphire Sword: Damage: 18
  • Super Topaz Sword: Damage: 20
  • Super Ruby Sword: Damage: 22
  • Super Amethyst Sword: Damage:24
  • Super Emerald Sword: Damage: 26.5
  • Super Obsidian Sword: Damage: 28
  • Super Onyx Sword: Damage: 30
  • Super Dark Steel Sword: Damage: 40
  • Super Rainbow Sword: Damage: 60 

Axels And Hammers↓

  • Wood Battle Axe: 5
  • Stone Battle Axe: 6.5
  • Iron Battle Axe: 9.5
  • Gold Battle Axe: 7
  • Diamond Battle Axe: 12
  • Big Hammer: 22
  • Attitude Adjuster Hammer: 82
  • Ultimate Battle Axe: 90
  • Ultimate Queen Battle Axe:160
  • Destruction Dark Hammer: 145 

Ultimate Swords↓

  • Ultimate Sword: 75
  • Ultimate Dark Sword: 77
  • Ultimate Ruby Sword:40
  • Ultimate Amethyst Sword: 45
  • Ultimate Emerald Sword: 50
  • Nightmare Sword: 85
  • Ultimate Rainbow Sword: 100
  • Big Bertha Sword: 250
  • Royal Guardian Sword: 400

Destructions Swords↓

  • Destruction Wood Sword: 15
  • Destruction Stone Sword: 20
  • Destruction Iron Sword: 25
  • Destruction Gold Sword: 24
  • Destruction Diamond Sword: 28
  • Destruction Netherite Sword: 32
  • Destruction Sapphire Sword: 38
  • Destruction Topaz Sword: 40
  • Destruction Ruby Sword: 44
  • Destruction Amethyst Sword: 48
  • Destruction Emerald Sword: 54
  • Destruction Onyx Sword: 50
  • Destruction Obsidian Sword: 60 

Legendary Destruction Sword: 240 

all weapons have crafts!!!

most of the ores are in the over world, in the nether you can directly find the netherite ore, in the end you can find 3 new ores :).

you can heat miners blocks in the furnace and magma blocks too to generate fire gem and rotten meat to generate leather.

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If the texture of the items does not appear, create another world

I added the ore coordinates. I'm not lazy so I forgot this is the first addon I create and people are sorry.


activate the 3 experimental options and the Minecraft education edition

Supported Minecraft versions

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2.72 / 5 (18 votes)
rly cool but cant download
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This goes to a trade link
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When i got to media fire i got removed and then im on a suspicious link
its a trade link
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Wut this works on legacy edition not that i care
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Can you put the addon back onto mediafire as it says that the mediafire key is wrong and it says that the person who put it on has taken it down so can you re-add it onto mediafire or create a new link for the download please?
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could you add direct access to mediafire link
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I'd give this a 10-star lol, but the link is broken... could you take the time to make the people who see this days?
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thecrystaleye083 May 04, 2021 at 5:34 am
Can you please remake or fix the link.
I would love to try it out and my sister loves the mod.
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господи зачем так затруднять установку мода...
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Can you please update the link on this addon because the current link does not work, this mod looks really cool!
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I like this addon very much, but the bugs. I also wish that you add armors and tools to this addon. It's just like, so many ores, and then they are only for swords is a waste of storage. Please make armors and tools, or just armors, it would be nice
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El enlace ha caducado.
pls fix.
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There link appears to be broken i can see ypur mod has improved great addon now i know wheee to look hope to see more updates. :)
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Tudo bem que estava cheio de bugs mas coloca o arquivo novamente por favor este addon é muito bom
E uma pergunta vc ainda está trabalhando nele?
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