Published on February 20, 2020 (Updated on August 05, 2020)

AdvancedCraft / V3 (1.16 support)

Have you ever wanted Minecraft to be a little easier???

Have you ever wanted more things?

Swords, items, food, blocks and more.

If you like it you'll probably want to try this addon.

Also this is my first one submitted to MCPEDL!

This addon adds some stuff to make your game quite interesting.

This addon will add these features to your world.


First, you'll need crude oil ore.

This ore will spawn between Y 5 -20 .

It will drop 1 -3 crude oil when mined

The crude oil can be smelted in a Furnace or a Blast Furnace to make plastic.

Then, the plastic can be turned into blocks by putting plastic in all slots in the crafting table.

Dragon Scales:

The dragon scales will drop from the Ender Dragon.

The dragon will drop 7 -23 scales.

The scales can be made into blocks.

Black Iron:

First you'll need Black Alloy Dust by using

Coal or Charcoal and Gunpowder

Then you surround an iron ingot with the Black Alloy Dust to get the black iron.

The Black Iron can be made into blocks, sticks and nuggets.

(Also I'm planning to add machines that use black iron)


Dragonite Ingots are crafted by using 8 dragon Scale blocks and a black iron Ingot.

Dragonite Ingots can be crafted into blocks and Weapons.

Dragonite Claw:

DM: 12 , Durability 2016

Dragonite Sword

DM: 10 , Durability 1870

Double edged dragonite sword

DM: 14 , Durability 2805


Gears are used to make machines and tools.

There are 3 types of gears for now.



Black Iron:


Drills mine automatically for you.

There is only a tier1 drill but I'll add more later.

How to craft:

First you'll need a drill head, body and a handle




Drill [Tier 1]

It'll mine grass dirt, dirt, gravel, stone, cobblestone, netherrack, glowstone, soul sand and magma blocks.

Rune Items:

If you want all of these items, you'll need to craft awakening powder first by using glowstone and a diamond.

Then, combine the powder with mossy cobblestone to make an awakened Rune.

The awakened rune can be turned into blocks and can be put in a stonecutter to make some patterns.

The awakened runes can make runitite which can be made into weapons.

Next step on making weapons is to make a rune core.

Finally, Here are the weapons.

Rune blade of bravery

DM: 18 , Durability 2840

Double edged rune blade

DM: 26 , Durability 4260

Rune hammer of might

DM: 23 , Durability 3000

Rune axe of agility

DM: 20 , Durability 2920


Cooked Rotten Flesh:

Do you have a mob farm but there is too much rotten flesh?

Well, you may like this.

You have to put rotten flesh in a Furnace or a Smoker.

This food will head 2 hunger bars

You can make leather by using 2 of the cooked flesh.

Fried Egg:

This will be good if you have a chicken farm.

You have to put an egg in a Furnace or a Smoker.

This will heal 2.5 hunger bars.

Cactus Chunks:

This will be good if you have a cactus farm.

First, you'll need a cactus.

Put it in a crafting slot. To get 2 cactus chunks.

If you eat it, you'll get poisoned.

Or you can cook it in a furnace or a Smoker.

Then you'll get cooked cactus chunks that will heal 1 and a half hungerbars.

Dragon Apple:

The apple will give you

Slow falling: 4 mins

Strength III: 5 mins

Speed II: 4 mins   when eaten the apple.

In order to get the apple, You'll need glitch essence. These will drop from the glitch block.

The glitch block will spawn between Y4 - Y100 and will drop 0 - 2 essence

Then combine 8 essence with an ender pearl to get a vicious pearl.

Then make dragon Compound Dust by using 4 ender Pearls , 4 dragon Scales and 1 vicious pearl.

Finally, combine an apple, a dragon scale and dragon Compound Dust to make the dragon apple.


This addon has 9 swords for now.

Here are the swords.


Cactus Sworď: DM=5      Durability=60

Plastic Sword: DM=6      Durability=570

[Double Edged]

Wood: DM=6     Durability=90

Stone: DM=7     Durability=195

Iron: DM=8     Durability=375

Gold: DM=6     Durability=48

Diamond: DM=9     Durability=2340

Cactus: DM=7     Durability=90

Plastic: DM=8     Durability=855


Skeletons will drop 0 - 2 iron nuggets

If you want me to add more stuff

You can suggest some ideas.

Select version for changelog:


If you're wondering when will v4 come, I'm not sure yet. A lot of things are slowing me down, especially school. If you cant wait, Dont worry. I made some betas in the discord server for everyone to download. The changelogs are in the download section as well. If you have any problems, ask me in MCPEDL or in Discord.

That's it. Have a good day!


Make sure to turn on experimental gameplay when putting this into your world.

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The reworked version of this add-on is now released! You can check it out here:
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The reworked version of this add-on is now released! You can check it out here:
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This add-on will no longer be updated. I will make a reworked version of this add-on. You can go check some of the sneak-peeks in my Discord Server or maybe my Youtube Channel.
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cant download ur mod
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I think you should add dragon scale armor but it is still a pretty good addon
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could you add better textures for the rainbow ore
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Cual opción me recomiendas descargar de todas las que pusiste?, Y que eso de BP y RP?, Y es compatible con la versión 1.16.10???
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Puede descargar el .mcaddon o el BP y RP, pero si desea que funcione en 1.16, debe descargar el BP que admite 1.16 y el RP normal
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Lo actualizaras para la 1.16?
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¡¡¡Por supuesto!!! Aunque solo haré v4 soporte 1.16
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some of the craft options like the items like black alloy dust aren't craftable and some ore blocks don't spawn like crude oil ore and the glitched one.
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You have to enable experimental gameplay for the ores
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what's your discord server?
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can u put everything from v1 v2 v3 into v4 cause i really didnt get to use them alot );
also when is v4 coming out
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V4 will be coming soon but I release some betas on my discord server.
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Please add some new armors if you can I know it can be buggy but it would be great
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I'll definitely add armor in v4. People suggest this idea a lot of times XD
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This addon is really and has a lot of potential!! Especially the runes, though hard to craft but only makes it more worth it! I was thinking that you could combine runes with armor , not to enchant it, but make a completely different one.
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When is the V4 coming august or maybe september

By the way what's the difference with the beta version and the original version
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Can u make an function command that gives all items includeing componets for items it will help alot
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idk if this is possible but is there any way to add a new dimension on bedrock?
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Well it might not be possible yet but he can probably make new biomes
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I think dragonite should be a little easier to obtain bc its kinda hard to get all those dragon scales to craft the dragonite. it doesn't really make sense to defeat the ender dragon a bunch of times just to craft weapons that aren't even that good.
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