Published on September 01, 2022 (Updated on December 31, 2022)

Adventure+ | 1.19.50+

Adventure Plus is the resource pack you've been looking for! This resource pack adds 3D accessories such as backpacks, maps, trident, spyglass, and others to your character, this will enhance your adventure.  

This resource pack is similar to Minecraft Java Edition mod. just by putting items in your inventory or hotbar you can improve your character!  


Put the following items in your inventory or hotbar so that this resource pack works :

NEW UPDATES! Fix some bugs and add new items.

  1. Chest, Ender Chest, Shulker Box 
  2. Spyglass 
  3. Trident  (removed)
  4. Filled Map
  5. Arrow (removed)
  6. Gold Ingot
  7. Sword (new)
  8. Pickaxe (new)
  9. Axe (new)
  10. Shovel (new)
  11. Hoe (new)
  12. Fishing Rod (new)
  13. Cauldron (new)


Select version for changelog:


New Updates!

  • Fix Spectator Bug
  • Support 1.19.50+ 
  • Add New Items & Models


  1. Chest, Ender Chest, Shulker Box = Backpack
  2. Spyglass (updated)
  3. Filled Map (updated)
  4. Gold Ingot = Piglin Brute Shield
  5. Sword (new)
  6. Pickaxe = Mining Helmet (new)
  7. Axe (new)
  8. Shovel (new)
  9. Hoe = Farmer's Hat (new)
  10. Fishing Rod = Fisherman's Hat (new)
  11. Cauldron = Witch's Hat (new)

if you have any suggestions please write in the comments


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could you update miner helmet to dynamic light in texture pack? so this is useful in other's world or server with global resources. and update for witch hat when you holding any types of potions, the witch hat will appear.
is this combinable with your "combat+" texture pack? (sorry for my bad english)
Omg how TF did you make this your an artist
Puedes hacerlo compatible con animation.json? en conjunto con la textura de movimiento de jugador esta textura es de las más top, gran trabajo.
This texture Packs so cool
Where's the behavior pack?
Its a texture pack ._.
awsome pack so cool
Ojalá regresen las flechas :(
how can I combine the 2 mods's textures together cuz I want both mods at the same time but I can only have 1 texture pack
Is this will work in multiplayer server?, And will other players see the cosmetics for other players?
Very cool addon! Absolutely love the concept my only wish is that I don’t really want to have to hold a caldron in my hand to have a wizard hat could you make it so that you only have to have it in your inventory? And the different hats could be over written by others
Bisakah tools ditambahkan untuk terlihat berada di tas supaya terlihat bagus dan jika saya memakai tekstur lain maka tools nya seperti mengambang tanpa tangan ketika ditampilan fpp
Lo puse en mi mundo con mis amigos y no funciona, yo puedo ver lo que me puse y ellos pueden ver lo que se pusieron pero entre nosotros no nos vemos nada
Maybe you can add swords or pickaxes that gon on the sides
please remove the requirement to install a browser in linkvertise
I love it, you should put more models on the skin, how you can see the swords you wear on the sides of your pants, also the picks and axes like in the Minecraft Java mod :D