Published on September 05, 2022 (Updated on September 08, 2023)

Combat+ | 1.20

Do you know the "Toolbelt mod" which is in minecraft java? that's really cool isn't it?

This resource pack is inspired by the Toolbelt mod, which will later give the player a belt, sword on the side of the player, bow, quiver, shield behind the player, etc. The method is the same as my previous texture pack,  Adventure Plus, which will display additional accessories to players.

Put the following items so that this resource pack can work!

  1. Sword (will display the sword on the right side of the player)
  2. Trident (player's back)
  3. Shield (player's back)
  4. Arrow = Quiver (player's back)
  5. Pickaxe & Axe (will display the bow/crossbow on the left side of the player)
  6. Totem of Undying (will appear on the front belt)
  7. Throwable items (will appear on the front belt)
  8. Bow & Crossbow

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New Update!!

  • 1.20 Support
  • Add new belt model
  • Fix some bugs


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do you think you can make this compatible with KID_SKY's player animation mod?
Great way to bring new features to the game! However, it would be a lot nicer if it also offers compatibility with 3D combat addon. But overall I'd love to see this pack's future!
can you make it compatible with action optimization resource pack and new player animation resource pack? That would be dope! Thanks for making this texture pack, fell in love with it the first time I used it
because the skin of my character is not shown only the character esteven comes out you must add that error
If you're making a character that are from marketplace, it will become Steve. Try making a custom skin
can u make it so it wouldn't change my skin?
May i ask is this compatible with other resource packs ty =)
as far as i could tell from when i used the older version it works with some texture packs. certain tool/weapons texture packs will work as well as a few armor packs nut i also noticed that if u have a texture pack that uses the hotbar or a GUI texture pack it may not work. the world i used it in had about 80 textures and still worked so i don't think u should have too much of a problem.
I like it glows green if you have a totem
Could you pls make a patch for other resource packs like faithful 32x32, round shields, etc?
Add banners they show in the back
Perfect for Faction server
Amazing mod pack
Please fix the Bug, where parts of your skin gets White...
does this work for multiplayer? cuz when i tried it in my realm only my friends belt would show, not the tools
não Está a Funciona
my skin shows as Steve is there a way around this?
I think you should create a no belt version
Well that Map Belong To Dplo_Gaming
He is The One Who Build It And Derpyjhome you Are Cheater