Published on June 29, 2021

AEoutdoor | Outdoor Furniture

AEoutdoor is a new addon for my AEaddon series, it adds outdoor furnitures to decorate outside of your house. AEoutdoor is for creative only, you can't craft. AEoutdoor is for 1.16.200+ only. 

AEoutdoor is a small pack but don't worry it will update as soon as i can! to make this addon work please enable these settings:

to obtain the furnitures:

get a stone cutter and 'aeoutdoor'

put 'aeoutdoor' in stonecutter and tadaa


  • chaise (three colors,  click the block to change its color.)
  • bench (oak, spruce and birch; click the block to change its color.)
  • outdoor grill
  • porch swing
  • dog house
  • stone path
  • leave fence
  • wheelbarrow
  • table w umbrella 


  • distribute my addons on differents website; you can only download my addon on mcpedl and AEaddon page.
  • make a video or socmeds and claim it it's yours; you can make a review but pls link my yt video. @/aecraft
  • add things or change the codes and distributing it; you can, for personal use

still confuse? watch my video


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Works on 1.17.34 except the table w/umbrella does not work. Thanks for nice addon!
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Like the texture, cool pack 5 star
Froggy........111111 June 29, 2021 at 5:24 pm
Thank you so much i always look at your youtube and AE mods thank you so much!
this is really nice