Aether Dragon Addon

Have you ever wanted a powerful pet aether dragon? If you do, then consider yourself lucky. I made it in Minecraft. This addon adds an Aether Dragon, one hostile, and one tamable. Be prepared though, it will be challenging to get a pet Aether Dragon.

This addon provides an superb creature referred to as the Aether Dragon. This creature is a powerful one. Blasting powerful balls of ice at you, defeating this beast is quite the challenge. BUT, after destroying the beast, you receive a pet Aether Dragon. Make certain to bring a few golden apples to tame the Aether Dragon. When tamed, you can equip it with a saddle and a chest. The dragon will defend you with its life. The Aether Dragon will also drop Aether scales

Crafting Recipe:



Place this in a repeating command block:

function aether


Supported Minecraft versions


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81 Responses

4.18 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. Guest-4058392663 says:

    The download page is’nt working

  2. Guest-9782674509 says:

    Hi creator, can I use your addon in my video? I will put your link in my description

  3. Rauan XD says:

    Eu Gostaria Que o Aether Dragon Podesse Voar de Verdade Quando Olha Para Cima Ele Voa Para Cima Olha Para Baixo Ele Voa Para Baixo Tipo O que o Zahf22 Fez no Addon Dele Dragon Addon

  4. dragoon says:

    how do you tame them

  5. Anonymous says:

    how do I download the addon?

  6. Mcpe gaming says:

    Can you make sapphiron dragon ?

  7. Josiah caldwell says:

    At this sucks in my opinion

  8. DarkAngel Gacha says:

    I love the addon there’s one problem though…I spawned the tamable one its ok but the other one CRASHED MY GAME!…still a good addon! 4 stars

  9. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    What does the function do because the other dragon addon is the best one out there to ride a dragon by not just jumpin you can actualy ride/fly it

  10. 049masterwar says:

    Are you gona to update this addon?, Because if you do that maybe you can add some diferent kinds of dragons, like a colossal dragon, or something like that, it can he crazy and good

    • Javi says:

      El dragon aether cuando muere no suelta el dragon tameable, el dragon tameable espaunea en vez del normal, el dragon domado tiene dificultades para defenderte de los enemigos aparte de que no puede usar su ataque especial, aveces suelta barrera envez de escamas etéreas. Por lo demás esta genial sigue así porfi ?

  11. 049masterwar says:

    Are you gona to update this addon?, Because if you do that maybe you can add some diferent kinds of dragons, like a colossal dragon, or something like that, it can he crazy and golf?

  12. CloudWolf says:

    Is the only was of flying, jumping? If so please change it to looking where to fly like the black dragon addon, cause i really want to play with both these addons since the dragons are the same size and this one looks good. Also what biome do they spawn in?

  13. Jordan says:

    It’s pretty good not gonna lie the fact that the detail of the dragon is spot onto the ender dragon design.please make more addon like this thank you

  14. DDRAGONMMASTER88 says:

    this is a pretty good add on but it would be better if you made it fly like: look up to fly up look down to fly down instead of jumping really high also can you fix the wing animation to make it more detailed and fix the wing animation when the dragon is not flying

  15. Tiny Dragon says:

    I like the model and how it follows you and I can also ride it but I used the command and all the functions showed up but you still can’t fly it can you fix it plz anyways good job

  16. Jamie Lee Thomas says:

    The scales don’t drop ☹️ and the dragon just dies

  17. Everardo says:

    Como consigo el huevo

  18. my name doesn't exist says:

    just a small question, does it replace anything or no?

  19. Dafukdotfile says:

    How you can heal the dragon? btw is a good addon

  20. Jamie Lee Thomas says:

    Thank you for this god sent add-on @legitDragonb0y I would love to see more add-ons like this this is so amazing thank you so much. Maybe add more dragons and be able to equip a saddle onto the dragon so you can see it . Just a suggestion but this add-on is as amazing it can get I think. Thank you ?

  21. Genesis says:

    Will u add different variants and a baby form + egg.This is a great add on and is the first one that works.Great job

  22. Anonymous says:

    Can you please give mediafire link

  23. robloxgamer 19192 says:

    You got this from Atlanticcraft right?

  24. Redztar says:

    Not support 1.14?

  25. Mr.R says:

    Wow nice addon dude!!!

  26. Somebody says:

    Best Addon Ever!!! Im always waiting for dragon addon, can u make more dragons

  27. Julion says:

    Can u make dinosaurs pls

  28. owlsock says:

    does this work for ios

  29. mmm whatcha say says:

    This addon doesnt allow me to put it into mcpe. Is there a resource pack and a separate behavior pack??

  30. kRoRk says:

    Is there a way where you can automatically make the function start instead of using a command block,its kinda annoying when you want to use it for your survival world

  31. Alex says:

    I think this add-on is amazing,But it does n’t fit zaff ’s add-on

  32. T-rexman says:

    It’s support for MCPE 1.13.1?

  33. Benjamin Stein says:

    Omg Dude that is amazing but could you do me one favor?
    Could you make some aether blocks that are in the sky and could you make a Different Kind of Aether Dragon also Aether TNT?

  34. Benjamin Stein says:

    Omg dude that is awesome!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Can u make so it does the command without the command block?

  36. Liam The Diamond Player says:

    Cool mod I love dragons and the texture of the dragon is soo cool?? Pls add more mobs like the Ather wizard some ather animals more

  37. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:

    Ok boss

  38. Twist says:

    I can’t put on the armor

  39. zzz says:

    Does it replace something?
    How can I find the dragon in survival?

  40. zzz says:

    Does it replace something?
    How can I find the dragon in survival?

  41. Rauan says:

    Update For 1.12 Plase!

  42. MegaZplayer says:

    How to get the items in the recipe

  43. MegaZplayer says:

    How to control the dragon to fly.

  44. Love it but says:

    So I know you are good at dragon addons but what does the function do it does not fly it falls still have you seen dragon add on idk by who but still good work

  45. benjamin nguyen says:

    It does not work I have got everything it needed didn’t work ??

  46. DracoSans64 says:

    so wait, does the dragon spawn naturally?, or only in creative. also does the sword do actual damage?, because most addons don’t have functioning swords

  47. By the way, the way you can equip the amor is by long pressing on the screen

  48. PLEASE says:


  49. -(u says:

    Wow! Cool addon!!

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