Aggressive Animals


It is a simple mod that makes animals like cows, rabbits, chicken, sheep, pigs and other animals defend themselves from the most dangerous predator of all, You
This addon makes its behavior change, to something similar to that of wolves I will explain later.a

How it  works ? 

It works in a simple way now when you hit a neutral animal it can defend itself and attack you

The modified animals are the following cow, pig, rabbit, sheep and octopus

How is the behavior ? 

I say that it is similar to wolves because wolves attack in packs when they are attacked now these animals do the same

How much damage do they do ? 

Well pigs, cows and sheep do 3 damage per hit

the chicken deals 2 damage and the rabbit deals 1 damage

Here some photos:


Here the pigs follow me and attack me

Here the same but with the sheep

And here the chickens began to follow me in a herd for having attacked one of their group

And lastly I was fighting a cow to have food

Select version for changelog:


1.0.1 The link that was damaged was repaired ... so don't worry


Solo hazle click y se instala solo
Just click it and it installs itself

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Excuse me, how to download this mod.
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Does all passive mobs attack you or not?
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They only defend themselves if you attack them
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