Published on April 12, 2022 (Updated on July 12, 2023)

Bosses ( Animations Update )

Hello my name is Cristopher you know me right? well don't matter in this moment i wanna present you this little mini-bosses i made, the purpose of this add-on is to create downloadable bosses so that people can summon them in their world with their friends or put them on their maps, I hope you enjoy. 

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1.0.1 Fixed links to download bosses behavior and bosses textures 

1.0.2 New boss wizard fire just a simple boss ? 

1.0.3 Animation Update

1.0.4 Fixed Links

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make a samurai or a ninja with 350-750 hp and 15-30 dmg and you make the abilities
pls make weapons in the next update. :D
make a mini boss that spawn in forest

the boss should have:
200 health +
12 damage +
2 speed +
bigger size - wide and tall model.
only atacks the player,iron golem, snow golem.
the mini boss should have a kind of zombie animation( smooth movements)
boss has dark vibe with glowing red eyes (maybe the side eye is white color) and the face is steve but it has dusted or theres skeleton parts ( he is possesed by some dark powers of souls vibe)
add maybe different models of his image, sound is made in breath of wither{high pitch}
his weapon is sword iron rusty one( maybe stone sword to make the sword look darker and cooler)
make him look old and rust in for too long traveling for its prey - you.

I just made this on my own head. but you can change whatever it looks, but keep its features(health, dmg - main point).
i forgot to mention is should have an ability to shot arrows (or any kind of power that can hit you far away)

or add some mobs that shots you like skeletons( make it spawn often for better challenges)
This sounds like a good idea but a lot of work! let see what i can do c:
do they drop weapons or anything?
Here's an idea for a boss/mob: weeping angel type thing, where they only move when the player isn tlooking at them
Can you transfer characters from mk mobile, their abilities, animations, attack variations?
It would be very cool if you could place the bosses through spawning eggs, it would be great
Okey xD , in the next update I will add natural spawning
lolzzz of the sussy April 14, 2022 at 10:37 am
In the next update can you make the bosses and minibosses spawn naturally
Okey xd , in the next update I will add natural spawning but at least I will make the chances that appear very low
Here i wanna put the list of boss i have plan to do :
-Wizard boss
-Samurai boss
-Undead bosses ( I don't know if skeleton or zombie )
-sea serpent Boss
SorcererOfSaucers April 14, 2022 at 4:13 am
Great addon, you can see it has a great amount of possibilities on how to expand. I would suggest have the bosses spawn in structures generated around the world. A mini boss such as a sea serpent would be nice to see.
I don't think I put structures, mainly because of the problem it represents, apart from the main purpose of this add-on is to create bosses that can be summoned on minecraft maps or worlds to fight against them, although if you prefer I could make them spawn in specific places where you can find them, for example the lumberjack only appears with very little chance in the forest, oh it's a tremendous idea the truth is a sea serpent that chases you when you go by boat that idea reminds me a bit of valheim thanks!
Add a undead bosses with a cursed sorcery spells or a former hero with long sword. Just a idea.
I nearly forget add a soundtrack too!
I wanna try to add undead bosses because i wanna add particles and things like that in my add-ons, hero with long sword? could be Although I would like to have some reference, does a character come to mind? The music and sound effects is something that yes or yes in the future I have to add
Make more dark souls like bosses. Definitely more knights but maybe a wizard or a samurai boss?
samurai boss?? i like that bro !!
¡Great addon! You can put a wizard boss or a ice and fire boss
Maybe a boss mage that can cast fire and ice, making the player have to avoid his projectiles, thnks for your idea
have them spawned in world not summoned.
You have to summon it, it doesn't appear naturally in the world