Published on November 08, 2021 (Updated on November 26, 2023)

AI and Animations

Ai and Animation Addon for Minecraft Bedrock in this first version, modifies some mobs settings and improves some animations. Goat, Wolf, Fox, Cat, Pig, Horse, Villager, Rabbit, Iron Golem, Axolotl, Sheep, Cow.

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Updated complete pack Behavior(AI) and Animation v1.0.4 and Red Animation v1.0.4 (Animation only).

  • Minecraft 1.20.40 Compatibility
  • Chicken:
  • Added idle animation.
  • Adjustments and Improvements:
  • Cat:
  • Improved running and jumping.
  • The cat can now lie down in the behavior pack.
  • Wolf:
  • Improved running and walking.
  • Enhanced sitting variations.
  • Iron Golem:
  • Improved idle pose.
  • Variation in attack.
  • Pig:
  • Idle animation added.
  • Improved running.
  • Fox:
  • Improved running, walking, and jumping.
  • Horse:
  • Improved jumping.
  • Mule and Donkey:
  • Running animations added.
  • Villager:
  • Improved running.
  • Now has three different sleeping positions.
  • Cow:
  • Improved walking, running, and idle animation.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Zombie:
  • Attack fixed.
  • Improved baby zombie's running.


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Hello! Could you update the mediafire link for bedrock to be the 1.0.4 instead of the 1.0.3? Thanks!
Really good mod. Only problem is that it dosen't work with the new armodillo update. You cant put wold armor on wolves and the only wolf skin that you see is the default one
Bro since this changes the movements of villagers and ai of them will it affects my iron farms
this looks really good 👍 but what file should i download? theres so many of them!!!!!!
I rly like this addon but could you please update it for the 1.20+? Else if i use it probably will remove armor trims
Amo seu trabalho e eu adoraria ver novas atualizações nesse addon
These animations look really nice. Makes the world feel more immersive 👍
Hey, I am using the Villagers and Illiergs Legacy add-on and saw this cool mod but I don't like it when Normal villagers have the cool animation while other ones from the mod don't so I was wondering if you can tell me a way to apply the animations on them or if the animations are already applied on modded villagers?

(It doesn't have to be the creator who answers me anyone who knows the answer is welcome to say of course if you don't want to I understand).
Hey can i used this pack into my texture pack?
Does this work on 1.20?
Horse racing animation not working in 1.19.73... mobile version Please fix or create us a separate interactions mod for our Horse, it hasn't had a good Bedrock mod for him in a long time, it's always the same. Villager animations and mods are amazing :) congrats!
Hola queria saber si podía usar tu mod para un mundo que quiero transmitir en twitch en el cual te daré los créditos y el link de esta página para las personas que lo quiera adquirir
Can you make a animation optimized for the player?