Better Trades by RedBR

This addon improves negotiations with villagers. The items have been modified by items that are more easily found. Prices are below normal. The wandering trader is much better now. Enjoy.

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Update V 1.1.0

Added option to enable Default mode, and Extra Villagers mode to trade with Nitwit and Unskilled.


  • Added Frog Spawn at level 3 and Froglight at level 5

Stone Mason

  • Added Mud at level 1, Packed Mud at level 2, and Mud Bricks at level 3


  • Added Recovery Compass at level 5


  • Added EXP Bottle at level 5 (Suggested by ICan’tThinkOfAName)

Wandering Trader

  • Modified to 18 exchanges at a time
  • Added Goat Horn, Echo Shard, Sculk, and Mangrove Propagule


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What happens if I copy a world and put the addon in?
Hi! Im a loyal user of this addon since last year, and this addon made my survival life easier and im more motivated to play. But a few suggestions, maybe you can also add trades wherein we can buy the things that we sell (e.g. Calcite, maybe we buy it to the villagers rather than we sell it to them) Same goes to other stuff like crops (potatos, carrots, beetroots) And also maybe instead of the unskilled villager trades for bee stuff, why not create a new villager job which is a bee keeper. Thank u
I am a fan of your mods...
Can i request for one thing? And it's to have a superflat slider on your mods... Making the tuff and calcite buyable instead of sellable... Pls consider my suggestion. Thanks.
Perfect 5 Stars. | 1.18.30 Working.
This comment has been removed
does not make sense with the file name because it supposes to be mcaddon, not mcpack
You see, sometimes McAddon can be replaced with McPack. I'm not sure how, but it's possible
Ummmmm.. Do you have any intent to add the exp potions back to the clerics or cuz its pretty op so no??? BTW luv this addon this is always the very first add-on I download whenever I had new phone lol. Great work Keep up Madude
Thanks! You're the first creator to consider xbox users. Thanks fofr the consistency, listening to the community, etc.
Thank you for adding mediafire for Xbox players!
32 emeralds for 1 diamond
hey thanks for doing my suggestion...
That weaponsmith look sus because
5 gunpowder = 1 emerald 2 emerald = 1 tnt
5 gunpowder & 4 sand = 1 tnt 2 tnt = 1 tnt??? It's kinda wrong plz correct it
Likes Minecraft Add-ons January 25, 2022 at 8:51 am
Armorer is now WAY better than java now! If possible I would give 10000 stars.
Likes Minecraft Add-ons January 25, 2022 at 8:42 am
Cleric stonks by selling 2 Redstone and buying 3 Redstone and thanks for saving me from mining for ages
Hello, I really love your addon, this is the best trading addon i've ever did seen, when will this be updated to 1.18??, and can you decrease the number of emerald the librarian wants ??or add more enchanted books to the librarian trades...
Thanks for the support. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm glad this addon is useful to you. I made some changes that you suggested. It will come out in version 1.1.0