Published on December 19, 2020 (Updated on January 13, 2024)


Tired of mining and mining in a straight line and not finding anything? Would you like to find diamonds easily? Do you know that your friend has a hidden chest and you don't know where? You can't find an underground mob; Well, I have the perfect solution, with this texture you can do it; and now with the new customization modes you can have a better experience with AK X-Ray.

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Whats new in v.1.03?

Better render in Android 

Little Changes in the Nether Mode 

Details have been polished and several unnecessary parts of the textures have been removed


Installation Guides

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Great Pack!! Instructions Need Improvement... (I'll share how I got mine to finally work 🤷)
Anyways, this is the best X-Ray I've ever used! So good infact that I've spent 6 hours, yes I'm serious, trying to find this version again! One issue though, your Android instructions are way off at the end. Unfortunately just moving the pack into the resource packs folder won't cut it anymore, you must IMPORT it into the app. For anyone else struggling with this FryBry explains it really well in a video, but if you don't want to watch it just keep reading 😊
( )
1) Select the pack's Download link ⬆️
2) Once redirected chose the free download option, complete the "tasks" by selecting the artical/page, and hit the X.
3) Procede to the next page, and download the resource pack.
4) Open your devices File Manager, or download one suitable from the playstore, and go to your downloads folder.
5) Select the pack you just downloaded and rename it from "AK X-Ray Rebirth" to "AK X-Ray Rebirth v1.1.1.mcpack" Don't type the actual quotations/"
6) Select the file once more, choose "Open with..." and pick the "Minecraft" option. The game will start and begin to import the pack!
7) If you were not able to complete step 6 because your file manager didn't allow you to open with Minecraft, you need to download a different file manager like "CX File Manager" or "File Manager" as seen in FryBry's video. I used the former while FryBry used the latter, both work and I'm sure there are others as well! Once you choose to "Open with..." and select "Minecraft" the pack should start downloading.
I hope that helped, anyways have a good day/evening you lot (^∇^)ノ
PLEASE add outlines I keep falling into the damn lava!!
mediafire link for this pack:
1: add outlines or make it toggleable (yes that’s possible, if its possible make a crisshair selectior, its possible to do this.) 2: make it have boisted gamma when active
does this work in version 1.19.31? I mean for rendering dragon? because the problem is if it is rendered by dragon like it doesn't work the ground in minecraft or any block it turns black
ТеlераthicGrunt April 12, 2023 at 6:25 am
Is there a way to make it into blocks? Or no? Just asking.
ТеlераthicGrunt April 12, 2023 at 6:25 am
His not so big its a regular sized normal golem
Class but just one question. Has the problem with the contour of transparent blocks on android been solved? They just became (their middle) black. And I hope that in this version it has been fixed
For some reason the outline xray isn't working for me and I am on an Android device so I still like that this is a nice xray pack but it's doesn't seem to want to work for me sadly I really wanted the outline but thanks for the pack
I'm sorry, but this is due to an update that has come to mobile making the borders not work, but don't worry, it will be updated soon to remove unnecessary things or things that don't work