Published on May 01, 2022 (Updated on October 09, 2022)

Clean Background

Would you like to be able to know what happens behind your inventory, the menu or the chat correctly? Well, that is exactly what the texture does by removing all the backgrounds of the minecraft.

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New system to change the background of the menus to be more faster

Better texture optimization, as well as lower weight

Work has been done on a page so as not to have to add more ads to the shorteners and thus not hinder the user experience

Changes in the Link Shortener ( From Linkvertise to Boostellar )

Internal code modifications to change internal aspects of the texture


Installation Guides

Hey, can i have your permission to add this pack into an addonpack that i'm working on?
Surely will be credited
Thank you so much for this texture pack, I have another question, will there be a texture pack with a blurred background?