Published on February 23, 2022 (Updated on December 10, 2023)

Variated Ores

You would like to have more variety in your Minecraft without losing that Vanilla essence, because it is exactly what this texture does, rotating the textures of the ores to make it look more varied.

The texture adds 4 variations to each ore such as diamond, gold, netherite or coal, so that they rotate and have a mirror effect and look more varied; below you have some images that show how they would look in the game.

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Changes in the Link Shortener ( From Linkvertise to Boostellar )

Internal code modifications to change internal aspects of the texture



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is this texture support other ore texture?
Hey, I've been using your old AK Texture pack for over a year now. Why did you delete it? It was really nice.
Because it really seemed to me that I didn't have enough clarity to be in my MCPEDL profile, but don't worry, I'll upload new textures
Yeah. I would like more trails