Published on May 29, 2022 (Updated on June 07, 2022)

Amanda The Adventurer Add-on [Beta]

This Addon Is based on the game called 'Amanda the adventurer' this game is a kids horror game for this addon i only added 1 character, and that is amanda in monster form, i will add the sheep and amanda in human form next update

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just added or change the link, thats all 




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Dose it dose it spawn naturally?
Looks very unscary and trash
Make lil sheep friends that’ll protect us
make a vhs sword to make t 1 hit it not sheep its wolly
the sheep is wolly? or wollie?
good addon but amanda needs some balance
1-Amanda got no knockback( not rly important )
2-1 hit destroys shild/armor
3-insta kill
i agree with high damage but Amanda kills you in 1 hit if u can pls make it 3 hit kills and not 1