Amazing Jump

Amazing Jump. A short parkour map. Enter the world of home temples and incredible nature. Admire it all from parkour. From forest to temples and festival and Chinese garden. Get home and complete the map.

Amazing Jump Typical parkour map. The goal is to get it to the end. Everything closed on the amazing sides. Mape can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Temple house on the hill and many more locations can be found on the map.Go parkour in the shortest possible time and play with your friends.

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Better main lobby:

  • Main lobby (All the rules of the game are now in the book)

Bug fixes:

  • Initial text display (Text on looby has been removed)
  • Commands (The display of commands has been removed)


1. Download the .mcworld or .zip file

2. If you have downloaded .mcworld click on the file and open with minecraft. If you have downloaded .zip, click on the file and unpack in games> com.mojang> minecraftWorlds

3. Enjoy the map


  • AmazingJump.mcworld (1.15 MB)

Supported Minecraft versions

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hello my friend. Do u still remember me?
so epic thx for making no ads also why in spawn the MADE BY thing keeps popping up
Guest-7093744800 May 09, 2020 at 1:10 pm
Wow This is a really beautiful map. Sometimes it is heavy but very interesting. It gives five stars and I'm waiting for the next parts