Minecraft Ambient Sounds Add-on V4: Caves and Cliffs!

This add-on implements a variety of ambient sounds into Minecraft such as birds chirping in forests, waves crashing on beaches, wind howling in trundras, and much more! The most recent update to this add-on has added entirely new soundscapes for both Caves and Cliffs for Minecraft's next update as well as touching up many existing sounds.

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Ambient Sounds is an add-on that adds much-needed background sounds to Minecraft. Every biome plays a variety of ambient sounds to fit its respective theme such as chirping in forests, waves crashing on beaches, wind howling in trundras, and much more.

Version 4  is the latest release designed to work with the upcoming Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update. Both Mountains and Caves have their own detailed soundscapes now. In addition to the more natural sounding cave sounds, I have added several new unsettling ones as well to fit in line with the vanilla sounds that play. The video above is a near comprehensive showcase of every biome dependent soundscape included. Take a listen!


This add-on has not been tested in realms. It may work, but I can't solve any realms related issues, unfortunately.

If you have mob-spawning turned off, enable sounds with this command:

/summon boi:function_master

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Added Respective Sounds for the Caves and Cliffs added with the Most Recent Update.

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4.66 / 5 (70 votes)
It just doesn't work for me any headers?
Please transfer the mod to 1.18.2
12ddthb÷=^_£werhjuiki January 17, 2022 at 7:32 am
Nice addon
Can u add random hostile mob sounds that ecko around when ur in a cave?
This complement of sounds is one of the best, a small suggestion, well more than a suggestion it would be a detail or minimal request, it is my dream to hear in bedrock in the forest biome, plain and its biome variants, the characteristic sound of a crow, more specifically the one of the java mod of sounds, the most famous, it is the sound of a crow in these biome and it is very cool
Please, in the next update, can you improve the rain sound?
The addon is very good, I recommend it, you just need to improve the sound of the rain and it will be perfect.
Eu adorei o seu addon mas eu gostaria que você adicionar/modificasse alguns sons do jogo como por exemplo melhorar o som da chuva, tempestades, nevascas e adicionar um som melhor a caminhada e ambientes fechados, adicionar sons de corujas e uivos de lobos a noite e sons de raios variados pelo que eu pude pensar com isso que eu falei seu addon ficaria ainda melhor e perfeito.
Foi só uma sujestão
I always love this add-on and I'm very happy that it updated!
Funcióna sin errores en la 1.18?
Por cierto, muy buen addon :)
Is it possible to control the ambience? Like have nether ambience in the
Please add more indoors ambiences for the ones that don't have it
This mod is awesome, can I republish him on TITAIKE.CN? I will tag your name and link
Hello creator. I really love this addon, but I can't install it. Linkvertise links don't work on Xbox anymore. I just want to ask you if you could create a separate download link. Thank you.