Amethyst Addon (Beta)

This addon add amethyst in the mountains and this also adds a new type of set of tools but no armor yet because I’m working on it and follow me on twitter @razorwolf19 and @razorwolf21 and subscribe to my YouTube channel called razor Wolf 2 and follow me on twitch and my Twitch name is razor wolf 21

- Amethyst 

Here is the amethyst you can get by mining an amethyst ore block and you can also use it to repair or make tools but no armor yet still working on it.

- amethyst generation 1- Amethyst Generation 2

this is the generation of the amethyst as you can see it spawns very regularly in the mountains and in the stone and there very easy to spot in the mountains.

- sword- Axe- pickaxe

- shovel

these are the amethyst tools and you can craft them the same way as other tools and here you can also see that they have this glowing effect too also the damage of the amethyst axe and sword is 4 to 3 and the durability is 2561.

Here is the showcase video for you if you don’t understand the writing or anything but if you do look at the video subscribe to my YouTube channel Called Razor Wolf 2 and follow me On twitter @RazorWolf19 And @RazorWolf21 and follow me on twitch and the name for my twitch is Razor Wolf 21 or 22.

- Amethyst ore block

This is the amethyst ore block and it can only be found in mountains and it’s very easy to mine and it doesn’t animate yet but it will also it drops amethyst when broken.

- Amethyst Block

This is the amethyst block you can crafted by putting nine pieces of amethyst in a crafting table.

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- change the texture of the tools 

- change the texture of the ore 

- fix bug with the amethyst block not dropping the block

- made amethyst ore more common 

-made amethyst appear with more veins

- made amethyst spawn deeper in the world 

- change the texture of the amethyst 


  • Amethyst-Addon-Beta-2_1615385756450_1615387633.mcaddon
  • Amethyst-Addon_1614817141054_1615276920.mcaddon
  • Amethyst-Addon-Beta-2_1612592982793_1612594853.mcaddon

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Y’all need to stop I really don’t like that your being toxic pls if you don’t like addon tell me that don’t say oh your trash and your garbage you are putting people down and there self of steam so stop it and if you do that your a horrible person and also I don’t just have this addon I have other addons that a great go check it out stop talking about this and go talk about them like none of you don’t have anything better to do with your lives then to spread hate and all I’m saying is to stop that’s all.
Yea I don't think I wanna see this add-on anymore. I try to be nice and people instantly take that as a no.
Yeah I’m giving up on this addon too and I really didn’t like that addon anyway but I’m making more high quality addons now and I’m so excited to release them
Sorry but the textures are as bad as before. theire even worse
I think the ore should use the updated stone texture, not the old one
Guys leave Razor alone, they just wanted to make an addon and there's nothing wrong about that. They may have stolen textures or changed textures but it's just an addon. They don't even use link shorteners so they aren't even making a penny. This toxic comment section gave me a headache and just shows the toxic side on MCPEDL when they think something is stolen and it might not be.
People are not being ‘toxic’. This place is for sharing original content, not for posting things stolen from other people. Stealing other people’s work does not deserve support, it deserves to be shunned. I hope the creator will learn to create textures for themself or ask permission first next time.
ore is stolen texture from me
i made it in tynker lol
If you made it then why is your name GREY? If you made it then posted it, it would be GREEN! And you guy may have had the same idea.

Sorry for the 1 stars Razor, these people are salty. If you want I can make you some textures. This is a great idea and I like it. Sadly, amethyst is coming the game and it is not an ore, rather it is a cluster. It is similar to how plants grow and it will not be used for armor or tools. Maybe you can make the ore spawn near clusters and give amethyst a use! This addon would be popular if it had a use.

Anyways this is an amazing addon and I am sorry for the terrible reviews.

- 0range
He literally said he posted it on tynker not mcpedl, also wdym by “same idea”? You can’t have a same idea on a texture. that’s called plagiarizing.
Why can't I spell today? guys*
i said i made it on tynker so i tried the texture, it was ugly so i dont use it and somehow this guy some how found my texture i made
it would be a good addon if you would make the textures of the tools on your own and you also should defenetly change the textures of the amethyst, the amethyst ore and the amethyst block.
Small hint to get better in the future:
don't take already existing textures and dont just change the colour of already existing textures.
Well wait until you see the next update for this addon it’s amazing I change well somethings you said
Sorry for your 1 star ratings, hopefully this 5 cheers you up. Anyways, some suggestions.

1) I recommend you increase the damage across all the tools just by like 3 or 4 numbers, because they are quite underperforming in combat and such.

2) I also recommend to maybe create your own textures, because if you copy, the owner of that texture might want to take down your addon for copyright.

3) I think adding an enchanted Amethyst apple would be cool.

4) I also think you should add some armor.

Ok, thats all I have to say. Good luck! :)
I’m so sorry your to late because I already summited the update with the new textures and the increase damage so maybe in the next update sorry I will try and add that
You didn’t create any of the textures except the ore and that doesn’t even have the correct color, and why is the axe stronger than the sword?
Try to be nice I’d didn’t know people use other people’s textures all the time and stop be so rude and actually say nicely what the problem is thank you
This... Is dogwater... U just used premade textures and it isnt even good.
Pls stop being so rude just say nicely what the problem is
the damage on the sword is too low like it is lower than a wooden sword which has 4 while this has 3
I just change the damage in the next update that I’m working anything else that needs to be worked on