Sakaru Tree Addon Beta 2

This addon add the cherry blossom tree into Minecraft right now it doesn’t have its own log for now but it will have it own log soon so stay tooned for that and subscribe and share and like and comment on my channel called Corrupores Eye 2 and follow me on twitter @CorrupptedEye1 and @CorruptedEye2also follow me on Twitch which my name is RazorWolf21

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  • added sakaru log
  • added sakaru planks 
  • added sakaru stairs
  • added sakaru slabs
  • change the sakaru tree
  • change the name of the cherry blossom leaves to pink leaves
  • added cherry 
  • fixed some bugs and issues but there is another probel you may see a tree with a a leaf texture yeah that’s a bug I’m gonna fix that soon


  • Sakaru_Tree_Addon_Beta_2_1617131285421.mcaddon

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This mod is cool and all but you know its sakura right?
can I use your addon to make a cover?
Could you make the leaves transparent? It's a great addon
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