Published on May 16, 2020

Animated Hotbar Texture

Wanna look cool? Well,with this pack you will. It adds three different hotbar animations which you can edit for your own use.Its good because its not obstructive.  You'll like it, I promise

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added video showcase, fixed some bugs and added .zip file download


  • animui.mcpack

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Hey, when I went to download it (education edition, yes I know it works as 1.14.50) it came up with an error message saying that the pack doesn't support 1.14.60 or below. Big bruh moment. Anyways, this looked cool but bye!
can I use the code (edited) for my own resource pack with my own textures with credit?
ok,but dont be like that guy who didnt ask me and made rgb bar based on my own code
Oh yeah r4isen. Yeah, his pack doesn't work either LOL. Anyways c a r m a bye!
Guest-7066051432 May 22, 2020 at 4:10 pm
what is the texture pack called with the weird crafting table?
how do you actually make the crafting table not have a shadow when changing the blockshape?
or just turn off smooth lighting
Hi Zitt do you got discord I need your help on something
no thanks,i have,but i do whatever i need
Really Nice, Such A Creative Texture Pack. Not Anyone Would Think Of Such Beauty.
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