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Published on August 05, 2020 (Updated on August 07, 2020)

Animated Outlined Ores Updated!

This texture pack has animated outlined ores . This texture pack is good for pvp players who are bored and tired of those default and non-moving outlined ores texture packs.

Animated Outlined Ores:

- Ores are animated ( specifically the outlines )

New Update:

- Added two options for this pack

Slow Animation Speed

Fast Animation Speed ( Looks good in PvP )

-Trice the speed of the default one ( slow )

List of outlined ores that are animated:

- Coal Ore

- Diamond Ore

- Redstone Ore

- Gold Ore

- Iron Ore

- Lapis Ore

- Emerald Ore


- Netherite Ore

- Quartz Ore

- Blocks ( diamond , gold , etc )

Here is a video about it for better understanding.

Select version for changelog:


Update :

- Added 2 options or subpacks for the pack , slow animation speed , and Fast animation speed ( Looks good for PvP)


( Follow all the instructions , dont worry , I disabled users need to install an application)

1. Download

2. Go to Downloads

3. Open the file with minecraft or tap on the file and it will automatically install to minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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Can I use this on my texture pack v2?? I will credit you
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i cant find the download button when i click the link
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I havent doenloaded yet.. But I saw the video and I suggest adding another animation type where its like neon and a light is traveling through the outlines clockwise and is leaving trails thst slowly darkens
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Hmm , its kinda weird that the updates of my submissions get accepted but never gets reposted ;-;
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How tho , its pretty much like those mods from badlion client, ill be adding speeds in the next update
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Use some better thing than Linkvertise where it tells you to install stupid apps and run them for 30 secs. Gosh
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Join My Discord Server aswell ! We currently have 540 members :0 , you can alos get to access my other works early!
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