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Published on March 10, 2021 (Updated on March 27, 2021)


In this map, it's Minecraft but it's underwater.  You will have to find a way to survive underwater while building your way towards your epic battle with the Ender Dragon.

In this map you start out an island similar to the starter island in most SkyBlock worlds.  Everything you will need to start your journey will be here.  Build an air pocket, build a  cobblestone generator, and then build your starter base before venturing out to the other islands. The chest at spawn has a basic list of challenges and if you need a little help, drink the Potion of Water Breathing and use the Easy Mode book to find the locations of the islands.  Feel free to add your own challenges and remember, the sky is the limit for this challenge map... or maybe we should say the water's surface is the limit, hahaha!

The next island you should find is Seed Island.  This should give you all the resources you need to build your farms and then some.  Keep in mind that growing crops underwater is a bit different than above the surface.

You may want to visit Villager Island to help your survival chances but it's purely optional.  There will be some familiar faces on the island so stop by and say hi.

After that, hunt down Ore Island where you will get enough materials to craft yourself the tools you will need to finish this challenge.  Just make sure you don't waste any resources on things like diamond hoes or shovels because you are going to need them.

Once you are geared up, your next stop will be Nether Island where you can find almost everything you need to craft the portal.  Find the missing pieces to complete the portal and then get ready for a surprise as you step through the portal!

Finally, return from the Nether and find the last thing standing between you and the Ender Dragon, the End Portal.


1. Make sure if you build above the spawn block, you give yourself a two block high space.  When test playing this level, I would occasionally spawn at the surface due to blocks getting in the way of the spawn location.  If anyone has recommendations of how to fix this, let me know!

2.  To ensure the nether portal returns the player back in the play area every time, I had to build a bedrock cage with a command block to shift the player back to the spawn island.  If you break the string by accident, simply reattach it to the tripwire hooks and walk around to trigger the command block.

If you enjoyed this map, let me know by visiting my YouTube channel or email me to let me know what you thought:

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Fixed issue where player dies when first loading the map.

Added more information to books in spawn chest.

Added sponge to map.

Added Villager Island.


Import the world using the instructions here:

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Amazing! I play skyblock a lot and was getting bored and then found this! A suggestion: You should add more structures like a woodland mansion, a pillager outpost and a village. I enjoyed it overall
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Thanks! I was thinking on adding some minor updates to the map this weekend. I wanted to fix the instant death issue when first starting the map and also add a few new features. I am not super familiar with the mansion and outpost structures so those may be long term additions when I can find time. If would be great if Mojang added a "generate structure" command to the game for builds like this. For now, I just want to focus on elements needed for the survival challenge (a small 2 person villager cottage island and some sponge would help build bigger bases).
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