Published on September 04, 2021 (Updated on October 13, 2021)

Arthropods Addon | New Scorpions!

Minecraft's mobs are always big, and there are no small creatures other than the silverfish and endermite, even after several updates have already passed, there are still no small mobs. With this addon, Minecraft's world will be more full of life with the addition of insects, in fact, they are the most abundant species in the real world

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-added a new scorpion mob!
-neutral towards players
-attacks other insects
-only spawns at night
-spawns both on the surface and underground
-this has a total of 6 variants and 2 skins
-the normal scorpion has a brown color
-the yellow scorpion appears when it spawns in a desert biome
-has 4 attack damage
-each of these scorpions has 2 extra variants
-there is a rare chance that a giant scorpion will spawn which has 8 attack damage
-giant scorpions will attack other larger mobs like the chicken, rabbit, bat, spider, cave spider, parrot, and the pig
-the rarest variant of the scorpion is the scorpion jockey which adds a skeleton rider, much like the spider jockey
-scorpions have a chance to drop their stingers that you can use to make very potent poison potions
-fixed mantis not attacking when being attacked
-the hercules beetle will now try to avoid scorpions
-the mantis can now naturally spawn in the overworld
-fireflies will now spawn only on the surface
-adjusted firefly spawn rate
-fixed a bug where baby fireflies don't grow up
-new item added! the scorpion stinger
-can be used to brew very potent poison potions and deadly tipped arrows
-can be placed in cauldrons
-can be also drank to give you absorption for 30 seconds
-can be brewed again with gunpowder to make it a splash potion

-scorpion venom cannot be put in couldrons
-splash scorpion venom cannot be thrown

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Pinned comment
Remember to turn on Holiday creator features for the custom item to work!
please add tarantulas
Does this work with 1.19 and do you have any plans to update it with more mobs?
Why does the firefly get so big
can you fix that
also add ciadas centipedes and cockroaches
Add Grasshoppers Tarantulas Black Widow Cricket and Moth please
this is my second favorite because it adds detail to the game
Can you give more hornets?
Can you make it free pls i can't download it in my realme its says zip
Love the addon but i guess i'm a sucker for any addon that adds arachnids into the game, on a side note would it be possible to make the scorpions tamable but difficult to tame.
This Is Pretty good being the only pack in the whole of MCPEDL with a Mantis which I love.
Remember to turn on Holiday creator features for the custom item to work!
ISAAC PAUL VILANA GUACHO October 14, 2021 at 12:43 pm
la aparicion de algunos insectos no esta bien administrada, y el mantis tiene error en su textura
REALLY like the butterflies! Wishing for dragonflies and ladybugs, if possible. Thank you! Also, the mantis shows up a blank square in my inventory and does not spawn. I'm using 1.17.34 Thanks!
Have you turned on the holiday creature features?
Add centipedes too