Published on November 06, 2019 (Updated on December 12, 2019)

Artifacts Add-on V2 "New Artifacts!"

Tired of the usual minecraft loots?. the usual golds, emeralds and diamonds?. Then this add-on is for you!. This add-on adds exciting 6 artifacts that you can acquire!. It also grants you special abilities!.

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V2 Changelog

-Added Ice Horn Artifact, it freezes the water around you , rather below you for you to walk in. Can only be found in Igloos.

-Added Demon Horn Artifact, it turns lava around you into obsidian. Can oly be found in the Nether Fortress.


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How rare are these drops in survival I’ve been trying to find them for a while now, great mod tho?
Guest-2051547823 May 04, 2020 at 7:11 pm
They can only be found in structures.
Greetings, @jimbo_acob! I am a fellow modpack maker looking to use this nice mod of yours in my non-monetized pack. Do I have your approval? (CubeSteff3906#6297 on Discord for further info ;) )
Doesnt work when i hold it
BEWARE , Mod author requires you to ALLOW ADFLY on you system to download ( not just see ad's) This can lead to Data Scraping , malware , trojans among other things. His response was just disable it after the install ( which won't fix the holes it can poke in your system). Just so he makes a few cents ad revenue off you.
You will be infected if you're too dumb. everyone knows that even mcpedl gives instruction before directing to an adfly site. If you don't want to use my addons then dont. AHAHAHHA you can keep spamming all of my addon and mod threads if that will make you happy HAHAHAH.

it dosent work for me im on bedrock minecraft
Yesss.. cool addon 5 star for this.. it works " /give @s jimbo:sacred_cross " is the best ??????????? next ENGENDER MOD plsss..
an updated (fixed) version will be submitted soon. Sorry hehe.
Add an artifact that brings skeletons and zombies back into villagers with 10 blocks
Import fail what do I do one star until you fix
Villager cow... you mean Raveger
I will try this later on but please add some new stuff. Maybe weapons but u decide maybe new artifacts like 5+ if u can?. 5 stars for your hard work and I'm the 1st to comment
You should add even more artifacts in the future maybe a artifact of enchanting and when holding it while near a enchanting table it will automatically enchant something in your inventory
You should add Sacred Shield that give you Resistance+Fire resistance, Sacred Cape that give you Slow falling+Jump boost, Sacred Locket that give you Conduit power and Sacred Crown that give you Night vision+Haste! Nice pack anyway:>
import failed both resource and behavior pack..
Failed to import both texture and behavior pack