Growing Forests! (Part of the Atlas Project)

Growing forests is an addon that makes it so your forests grow saplings when it rains! This small QOL addon is a great addition to your long term addon world or addon packs!

It just makes sense that forests keep growing after the world generates and that is what this does. 

so, don't worry about your friends not replanting trees so much, they will eventually grow back with this addon. :) 

This addon also adds one new block, the "no tree grow" block, that makes trees not able to naturally grow in a 30-block radius of it.

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Made balance changes so that saplings won't spawn too frequently.

Added the Mangrove Propagule to the list of saplings that can spawn.


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Can you update the Savanna’s trees
(Acacia Trees)
well I thought about this but then I realized it doesn't rain there. soo
We will watch your career with great interest
Very interesting addon, makes the game more realistic. it's also beautiful in the long run, because we won't have to keep replanting all the time.