Published on March 30, 2017 (Updated on March 26, 2020)

Autocompletion Addon

Ever wanted to autocomplete commands in chat and command blocks? Now you can with this easy to use Addon. This Addon adds 4 options-Tab, Backwards Tab, Previous Text, and Next Text

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-The addon has been updated for the minecraft version 1.14

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I will use this resource pack on YouTube
1.16 is out update it please ( ˘ ³˘)♥
So which is which?
My old version is still working
pls update it for 1.14.1
Hey, in THIS PACk there are two packs, left and right. What doesn’t this mean?
It means one pack has the extra buttons on the right, and the other for the left
I'm guessing one is the behaviour and the other one the resource pack. Nice mod btw! I always wanted to make commands faster like on java!
can you add chat settings? for the new update
I always use it when I work on my maps.
But please, update it for Minecraft 1.13, to make that import error disappear, and change the position of the buttons in command blocks because they hide the text below
I get this when I tried to import it, Error, unable to import pack, click to see output log, I touched it then it says unknown version data then something about incomplete pack data,

Autocomplete 1.6 (tried both left and right)
Minecraft bedrock edition 1.12.1 on iOS, it was working in 1.11
Thank you! I use command blocks a lot in my worlds so now i can do it even faster with this AutoCompletion!
Can you make able to continue typing and not exiting type mod plz so we can do the commands even faster?
nvm Something was wrong when I first loaded. Reloaded and links work.
nice job, but plz add a copy and paste, it would help a ton, this is for those who don't want to download apps