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SERP Pokédrock (Pokémon Addon) | First Generation's base Update

Welcome to the world of Pokémon! This addon have a combat system, mounts and real evolutions If you want to enjoy the full experience of the addon, activate the experimental game mode!

(works both in beta and official version of minecraft bedrock on any platform)

-please read the installation guide and the changelog

It is forbidden to redistribute, edit the files or stole codes of this addon, if you will make a Review please give credits.

Following the Kanto pokédex, Pokémon will be added little by little. The addon have a basic combat system. but at the same time keeping the vanilla style of minecraft

-Bulbasaur location: Everywhere

-Charmander location: Everywhere

-Charizard location: Mountains

-Squirtle location: Everywhere

-Caterpie location: Every kind of Forests

-Weedle location: Any kind of Forests

-Kakuna location: Any kind of Forests

-Beedrill location: Flower Forest only

-Pidgey location: Everywhere

-Rattata location: Everywhere

-Spearow location: Everywhere

-Ekans location: Swamp

-Pikachu location: Normal forest only

-Sandshrew location: Desert

-Nidoran (female) location: Normal forest only

-Nidoran (male) location: Normal forest only

-Clefairy location: Everywhere (at night)

-Vulpix location: Every kind of Forests

-Jigglypuff location: Everywhere (Over stone)

-Zubat location: Every kind of Caves

-Oddish location: Everywhere

-Paras location: Everywhere

-Venonat location: Normal forest only

-Diglett location: Every kind of Caves

-Meowth location: Plains

-Psyduck location: Near of rivers

-Mankey location: Mesa, Savanna

-Growlithe location: plains

-Bellsprout location: Any kind of Forests

-Tentacool location: Ocean

-Slowpoke location: Warm beaches only

-Shellder location: Warm beaches only

-Cubone location: Savanna

-Goldeen location: Ocean and rivers

-Magikarp location: Ocean and rivers

-Eevee location: Everywhere

-Lapras Location: Normal Ocean only

-Obtain Omanyte: Revive with personal Laboratory

-Obtain Kabuto: Revive with personal Laboratory

-Obtain Aerodactyl: Revive with personal Laboratory

-Articuno location: Snowy Mountains only

-Zapdos location: Over 120 blocks high

-Shadow mewtwo location: not obtainable for now

watch out! team rocket is here. These bad guys will appear on the map looking to buy your slowpoke tails and shellder shells. do not attack them or they will defend themselves by taking out a hostile Pokémon to attack you too.

if you defeat them they will give you the combat insignia which you can exchange for the vs seeker!

now the nitwit villager has exchanges! he will exchange your combat badges for vs seeker or he will sell you the poke ride for 128 coins, it is also the only way to get the X & Y factors, important for mega evolution, you have to look for villages!

the function of vs seeker is as follows: you have to interact with your trained pokemon and it will immediately look for opponents to fight! They can be wild pokemon or in case you play with a friend and he also used the vs seeker, the Pokémon of both will fight

now you can craft the Pokedex. To use it you must interact with your pokemon to see its information, after a few seconds the information will automatically disappear. you can use it as many times as you want

slot machines Will take your money and in return they will give you many useful items for your adventure! From sticks and spider webs to diamonds and netherite ingots

Slot machine recipe:

berry trees can drop four different types of berry, which you can use to make different types of potions and the rare candy

-now some berry trees can give you their seeds after breaking them. when planting them you will have to wait a few minutes until the plant is mature!

you can speed up the process using mulch:

Mulch recipe:

the evolutionary mineral will appear in all caves, search well! By breaking it it can give you four different types of evolutionary stones which are the moonstone, fire stone, water stone and thunder stone. only obtainable with a pickaxe of any type

in the mountains or in the caves you can search for fossilized rock, a mineral from which you can obtain fossils. only obtainable with a pickaxe of any type

hitting this mineral will give you some stone and a natural mega shard! a pick of any kind is needed

A new machine is here, to make the personal laboratory work you must give it any fossil and the machine will work. but beware! there is a 15% chance of failure so you will have to carry more than one fossil with you

Personal Laboratory recipe:

The PC is an object that is used to buy and sell the objects you find in your adventure, some of the objects that the PC offers you cannot be found anywhere else!

To get the PC, you must follow this recipe. then you break the package and inside will be your new PC!

to use the healing machine, you only need to interact with it using your trainer card, which only costs one coin in the PC store!

you can now individually heal your weakened Pokemon. for the machine to accept them you must be at a distance of 2 blocks or less

healing machine recipe:

you can use your trainer cards to take over the storage PCs! once owned only you will be able to see what it contains inside

storage pc recipe:

all recipes related to mega evolution

If You need to rebuild your mega ring, use the disassemble and it will give You the usted components

you can evolve your pokemon more easily! if you give the bowl of rare candies they will evolve in one go

Rare Candy bowl recipe:

there are 6 different trainer card models! (not counting the basic card) You can choose the one you like the most, more colors will be added soon! (just use dye on the crafting table)

apricorns are berry-like plants. But when mulching them, they will produce a random fruit, which in five minutes will fall off the plant. said fruit can be used to create pokéballs. Now when you get the apricorn you can also receive an apricorn seed.  the plant has a 20% chance of breaking after a few uses

there are 9 different types of apricorns

-use the apricorns to make the base and caps of the pokéballs! follow the patterns to make the one that corresponds

-combine the bases, caps, and a stone button in their corresponding order to make the pokéballs!

More types of pokeball!

You will know that you have caught a Pokémon when the star particles jump, once that is done your Pokémon will follow you everywhere and defend you from your attackers

to store your Pokémon you have to interact with it using the corresponding pokeball

Shulker from shellder Shell:

now to ride the Pokémon you will need the poke ride, which costs 128 poke dollars in the PC store!

When you catch a Pokémon, they automatically evolve over a few hours. But in case you are not very patient, you can speed up the process with rare candies!

new kind of Pokéstop appear on the world which, when Active it, can release a Lot of bubbles that have different things! like money, potions, pokeballs, and more!

supported languages:





It is forbidden to redistribute this addon, if you will make a Review please give credits

this addon was uploaded in MCPEDL, it is not associated with any application such as mods for minecraft pe or platforms other than MCPEDL

all the entities and objects of this addon are based on the characters from the video game series: Pokémon

Select version for changelog:


The evolutionary line of Mankey was added,

the evolutionary line of Tentacool was added, 

the Generations machines addon was created with which you can change the aesthetics of the addon basic machines, 

fully improved compatibility with Minecraft 1.17

the shiny charizard flight bug was fixed, 

the texture of shiny growlithe and shiny bellsprout was fixed, 

English language corrected, 

optimization improved, 

Spanish pokedex updated, 

base for the second generation of the addon implemented, 

base for the next update prepared, 

aesthetic improvements to all spawn eggs, 

minor fixes


import resources and behaviors from your file explorer. Make a Copy of your map and open the world options and start playing from there. the changes will be saved automatically. (If you don't follow these steps, you may lose your items!)

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.72 / 5 (329 votes)
Mojang Studios ✓ June 19, 2021 at 10:20 am
This modpack is awesome and although it needs lots more work to get millions of views its super good!
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You should add Pokémon according to the pokedex

So add Abra and Machop
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When is the next update coming?
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the mod is great but a few things to add, when you take out a pokemon you need to tame it back, its understandable since the coding for that is complicated, (or so i believe) but i can easily see me dying from other pokemon because of that. when you start the game in the mod you don't get pokeballs or even a pokemon which is actually very important since pokemons can attack you and kill you, it would be nice to have a little help while starting the game. all the things i just said does not change my opinion on this mod which is that its one of the best bedrock edition pokemon mod there is out there.
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I guess in the next update you just need to add more pokemon.
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Welll nope xD. I'll remake the older models and textures and put some new megas
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I can't find to download
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You tried with the part that says literally "downloads"? XD
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gangstaspongebob7890 June 18, 2021 at 1:19 am
AYO! when is machamp coming,answer bro!
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Hello, I have an idea, but first I have to say that they are from latam, he said it in case something is not understood.
Well what I was in, the idea I have is a reproduction update, I know it can be complicated so, what if giving such a seed to the pokemon and another pokemon of the same species or to ditto they mate as in minecraft vanilla and that you hatch an egg.
I repeat I know it is complicated so I understand if you discard the idea, I am sorry if it is a lot but thank you for your attention.
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Cainal soy mexicano, no es necesario poner el texto en inglés xD. Pero en fin, no haría eso por algo muy simple. La crianza en Pokémon servía para el competitivo y para los movimientos huevo. En Minecraft sería un adorno bastante incoherente porque para empezar, eliminaría los grupos de huevo, el balance de Ivs y Evs que de por sí en bedrock ni existe, y limitaría completamente la reproducción en general. Así que nope, no haré algo así
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Ok, como habia dicho yo entiendo, y te agradez por crear un addon tan bueno como este y espero que sigas trabajando en el.
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J'aime bien le mod mais il faudrait que quand on envoie un pokémon on soit en combat et qu'on puisse monter des lvl et avoir des capacités et aussi je n'arrive pas a utilisé le pokedex ce serait bien de réglé ça
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I now that i do a lot of questions but i have 1 more you can add a sistem for choose a inicial
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Sorry friend but that is something really complex so I would think that maybe future updates will be seen but at the moment not
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I love your addon you are doing a great work because another addons have all the pokemons but horrible models and only one pokeball and playing it is bored and you to have a lot of pokemons without seeing that you do shynis and you continue actualizing it im subscribed to 100 chanels of minecraft mods for see when you actualize it thanks for do this incredible addon
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I love this addon! I like Pokémon so it’s fun to make a lab and use the machines to play with and make it seem real!

I have only 1 suggestion- I think some of the stronger Pokémon (Machamp, Beedrill, etc.) should be able to break out of a normal poke ball. And it would take like a great or ultra ball to be able to catch it without using as much normal balls. Kinda like how it works in the real game.

I understand these aren’t easy to make and I’m really impressed on how the developer made it this good! I really like this and there’s very little that needs changing!
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You can add sableye is my favourite pokemon and you are ading mega evolutions and he have one ive ve very glad if you aswer and i love your addon all my minecraft world are of pokedrock thanks
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Sableye are not gen 1
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Can someone please help me fix the texture some pokemon are invisible
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You probably have a damage indicator addon or something similar.
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I think that you have the experimental mode desactivated because the damage indicator and the addon is compatible is only a texture pack
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