SERP Pokédrock 2 (Pokémon Addon) || Searching to Hatching Update

Welcome to the Second generation of SERP Pokédrock! 

this addon works as a complement for the first generation! although it is also designed to work on its own!


It is forbidden to redistribute, edit the files or stole codes of this addon, if you will make a Review please give credits. Apps in the play store and other pages are illegal, please don't support them. mcpedl and are the only official sites.

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Pichu was added

Togepi Evolutionary line was added,

Suicune was added,

Wishing star was added,

Eggs was added,

Egg Mission and Dynamax Band mission was added,

Fixed textutes for Personal Laboratory,

Fixed bugs also for First Generation,

Changed the Ores designs,

Capture system was updated,

Bike mission was added, 

Poké ride mission was added,

The design for the official page was updated


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

How to hatch eggs?
why does the pokeballs not work next update pls make pokeballs work and remove the function that summons a building on every player that joins
This addon is good, but why when i return Shiny Flaaffy its become a normal Flaaffy?
Can you make it compatible in minecraft 1.19
Hey can i use both your gen 1 and 2 for a future youtube video ill give credit tho im a new youtuber so i dont know what i need to do to give credit so can you please tell me how to do that like do i need to put a link to your mcpedl addon or no?
How do I get the Dynamax Band in survival?
Soooo, i just want to know why gen 2 wont spawn in for me at all? Just gen 1. I got sentret to spawn in a realm but then pokeballs wouldn't work. I just want to setup a realm for me and friends or even a private world. But gen 2 wont spawn in.
Um, i don't seem to have the seeds for the berry trees or for the apricorns. I have it all downloaded and working on my world but there are no seeds.
keep up the good work maybe add ur own pokemon
Does this addon need experimental feat?
If it's like the first add-on, then yes, otherwise some stuff wont work. In my experience, you can still catch and battle Pokemon without experimental feats, but stuff like Pokecenters wont
spawn, and berry bushes wont drop anything, making it hard to evolve your Pokemon.
Can't You Don't Stop I Can't Wait For The Update. I Really Want The 8th Generation
I’m curious if after you are finished with gen 2
Will you do gen 3 next or will you do what gen you feel like doing next

Also how many of the games do you think you will end up making

Either way can’t wait for whatever you have next
This addon brought me back to minecraft
So thanks mate :)

Keep up the good work
He will do all gens just patience
This comment has been removed
Plss add the Greninja update plsss
No he won't do it it's just an April fools you notice he uploaded it on April 1 and then in Twitter he said #foolsday and plus this is Gen 2 only not Gen 6
this is so cool