Published on August 13, 2019 (Updated on August 13, 2019)

Avengers Skinpack

You like Marvel Comics and movies? Then this is your skinpack!

With the avengers skinpack you and your friends will win all the battles.

And those with Thanos skins will be defeated.

This skinpack Includes the original avengers:

1-Captain America

2-Iron Man



5-Black Widow


Select version for changelog:


Chnaged the description in the list part

added who where the creators of the skin (we)


Click on the link and folllow the instructions to get to the MediaFire download there you just have to download it and open it.

Supported Minecraft versions

I understand you want to earn literally pennies by putting ads in your link. But dont use ads that require you to install stuff to your browser!!!! Ridiculous. 1 star for being greedy over peanuts.
You should've gone for the head.
Batmans not an Avenger
The download does not work for me. Can you help or update it?
I can’t load it To Minecraft
for the console players
Can u add deadpool
Cool skin pack can you added the 1966 Batman skin pack
this is an avengers skin pack...
Bruh moment