Published on August 28, 2021

Basic Health Add-on

This add-on brings you the possibility to get up to 40 hearts! With two-mode, one works with the player file and the other one without, using an effect. This add-on brings a regeneration machine too when activated it will regenerate nearby players.

Here is a video to explain everything in details


To start the add-on has two modes as shown below.

One will work with the player file (Recommended) and the other will work with an effect to add more hearts.
If you choose the one that will work with an effect, the heart craft will not be the same, but let's start with the "Regenerator" the machine that will regenerate nearby players.

The "Regenerator"

This little machine, when activated will regenerate players in a certain radius (13 blocks around). Transforming the amethyst power to a regenerative particle. can be needed to fill it again with some amethyst shard.

The craft:

You can mine the amethyst cluster with a silk touch enchanted pickaxe.

How do I activate the Regenerator?

It's pretty simple, just hit one time the regenerator and it will start spinning. After the particles are shown you should get the regeneration effect, it will repeat three times. Warning, don't hit again the regenerator if he did not finish to do 3 times the regeneration it will take damage.

The regenerator transformed to a block, what should I do?

If the regenerator transforms into a block it means that he got not have enough amethyst power. You have to click on the block with an amethyst shard, before you do make sure you put the amethyst shard in your inventory craft and use the good one!

 How can I move it?

To move the regenerator you have to destroy it, sneak and hit or activate and hit, but then when you'll re-place you have to use an amethyst shard.


Now let's talk about the hearts and the way to get more.

It's pretty simple I'll start with this one if you "work with player file" mode:

To increase your health you need to craft a heart, for this, just do this craft :)

Then just use the item and that all!

Now if you choose "work with an effect" mode, you'll need to do the same craft the two times, to get two half hearts and combine them, it's due that the effect adds 2 hearts directly.

When you die you'll need the heart to refresh (Only if you choose "Work with effect" mode!), click on the item while sneaking.


Other information

  • When you pass Linkvertise you can download the add-on and if you want the showcase world I used.
  • You aren't allowed to claim this add-on as yours.
  • You aren't allowed to make your own download link of it.
  • If you make a video please let credits and put the download link to this page, not the download.
  • You can modify the add-on for personal purposes only!
  • You are not allowed to use the models/textures for your add-on.
  • If you want to make an add-on pack and it for share, be sure to ask me before, let credits, and put in the folder a text file with the link to this page.

If you have any suggestions for any new machine feel free to comment on them :)

To Contact Me

Have fun with this add-on!

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Hey, when I was working on this add-on I did not see someone else did something similar, I would recommend you to see his work too :)
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Hey, when I was working on this add-on I did not see someone else did something similar, I would recommend you to see his work too :)
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