Published on November 16, 2019 (Updated on June 08, 2022)

Money+ Add-on V1.1.3

This add-on adds currencies like the Euros (€) and the dollars ($) to your world.

It includes 1 euro coin, 2 euro coin, 5 euro banknotes, 10 euro banknotes, 20 euro banknotes, 50 euro banknotes, 100 euro banknotes, 200 euro banknotes, and 500 euro banknotes.

This add-on can be used in your roleplay world or any other world where you need money.

The money items do not replace any items. /!\ This add-on was made years ago and my texturing skills weren't the same as now, but I think this add-on do the job :)

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Updated the add-on to work on new version 1.18+


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please update for 1.18.32!!!
Can I use this addon on my realm?
Hi, I would like to say yes, but the add-on not work on realm..
Could you add "Real"? (Brasil money name) It's: 1 Real(coin), 2 Reais, 5 Reais, 10 Reais, 20 Reais, 50, 100 Reais and 200 reais. It would be cool having my country money
Can u add Singapore dollars or Malaysia dollar pls
I'm from USA so could you add dollars plz thank you
Hi! I'm currently working on if you want to see the progression, you can go on my twitter!
(check my last post for minecraft stadium to access easier to my twitter)
I cant find the cleric villagger so can you do completely add another mob that can trade money bc i need for a roleplay for the bank.

From Italy
Yes I know, It's Can take long moment to get a cleric villager
fai per favore con la versione 1.14 perché mi serve per una roleplay
Make usa dollar, I'm from USA
I love it but perhaps make it drop from mobs?
For the next uptade I will add new trades and drops.
Is there a way to add support to realms?
Love that addon!
From Italy.
Thank you !
I will make the best for this addon.
vivca l'italia (e la f**a)
Love that addon!!
From Italy.
excuse me can the mod be put in a realm
make pls 1.14
pls 1.14 Raycka13
Hi Raycka13
why do i get syntaxerrors when i try to input /give @p and the amount?
i tried it many times include with the options in this post but all the same syntaxerror.
i even tried to delete the zip file and installed the other options.

besides that it woud be nice if there was an option we could craft money or in creative to pick it to your inventory instead of use a code :)

my minecraft is a windows10 version.

in regard
Hello so, You have to do /give @p([email protected] or username) (and then put for example) dirt (and then amount for example) 10 So it’d be. /give @p dirt 10 This is very late I know. I’m not even the creator of the addon xD.