Published on February 28, 2022 (Updated on June 13, 2022)

Basic Machinery Expansion v1.0.3 (1.19 Fix)

Basic Machinery Expansion is an expansion to the addon Basic Machinery. Basic Machinery Expansion adds lots of new machines, features, power generators, and more. This addon requires 1.19+ . .

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updated to 1.19 . . . . . . .



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At least at 1.19.2, Pylon MUST be loaded to actually be functioning, if that isnt the case and you try to tp to One pylon; the message "This teleporter does not exist!" appear. idk if thats how it should work but at least in the description of the addons says that it doesnt matter if they're loaded or not. Hope you can fix this or just change the description, other than that; great work in all the mechanics, textures and even the recipes are pretty balance.
How to get copper wire?
I would like to report a bug. In 1.19 some blocks just appear as "Update" Grass block and i can't fix it. Please fix this bug i would appreciate it
I have spell ideas for your magical spells
addon WIth the mana system and the level requirements for all spell there is so much potential for spells and i already have some ideas to make this already great addon a better 1
I will start with the level 20 spells i have 1 idea
1. A teleportation spell this spell teleports you to wherever you look it has 100 block range too it uses 300 mana aswell
There should also be Movement spells for the first 1 it is a dash wich gives you speed 5 for 3 sec
the 2nd movement spell gives jump boost 5 and then slow falling both spells take 50 mana and are level 5 spells
there should also be a invisibility spell wich does not show armour or particles it could stay for 200 ticks it is a level 15 spell
i had the idea for defensive spells aswell 1 of them could place a dirt wall and the other could make a wall and ceiling of dirt
I have other ideas so yeah if you want tell me and i can put them down IF this might be too hard for programming i wouldnt know and im sorry
Beta only? LMAO
So it 100% does not work in an official version? Pain...