Published on February 22, 2021 (Updated on June 02, 2022)

BE ENDERMAN [Enderman Characteristics Addon]

HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO BE AN ENDERMAN, Well now you can, you have water and wish to have nothing to do with it. Its a simple addon and is good to add with other things.

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Edited the page and fixed some spelling errors.

Added 5 modes and setting to pick between (each one adding more and more changed to make you ask more like a enderman)

  • enderman lite
  • slight enderman
  • more enderman
  • almost enderman
  • full enderman


Supported Minecraft versions

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Make the player 3 blocks tall
i want you to add this feature because when i try to befriend an enderman with this addon i still attacks me (the meaning of befriending an enderman means that i want to take him to my home by pushing one back to my house please add these features because i want to make a castle full of enderman without them teleporting away and attack me . anyway, i still will rate you five stars.
and also can make those enderman wont make the sound when we stare at them?
will the monsters attack me in this mode?

Y E S !
Sorry but that is my skin. Do you watch my videos or what?
No, i think its just a weird chance, I just selected weird stuff and said that will do.
I very like this mod, because i already want to be an enderman in minecraft.
I also like it because i can make a god challenge
interesting, but if i'm an enderman i should have a taller and slimmer gamer model
and in addition to having 40 life, being able to teleport whenever I want (maybe getting ender pearls every minute and that the teleportation doesn't hurt me, that I only have the water damage removes the joke of everything there is no enderman ability, only weakness)
Thanks for the suggestion, but the point of this addon is to not add much, its purpose is to be small and not add much, so you can add other things to it.