Published on May 12, 2021 (Updated on May 15, 2021)


Ever wanted more beacons in Minecraft?

Well this addon adds 18 new beacons to the game!

These have an effect it will give you.

This is just a beta. That means it will get updates soon.

Turn on all experimental gameplay features 

Lets begin with the main stuff.

All of them can be crafted like normal .


Just that you use 3 Ore blocks on the Bottom  .

The netherite beacon only needs 3 Netherite ingots insteed of 3 netherite blocks!


There are:

Iron beacon

Gold beacon:

Diamond beacon:

Emerald beacon:

Netherite beacon:

Lapis beacon:

Quartz beacon:

And redstone beacon: 

You can only place them on blocks that activate a beacon. Like Iron block or gold blocks


How to use them?

Just interact with them using the ingot or ore you made them of or craft the Powered ones

Here is the list:

Iron beacon (Iron ingot) = Resistance 4

gold beacon (Gold ingot) = Haste and speed

diamond beacon (Diamond) = regan and resistance 100

Emerald beacon (Emerald) = Speed and jump boost

Netherite beacon (Netherite  Scrap) = fire resistance, resistance and haste

redstone beacon (automatic) = speed and haste and removes all negative effects

Lapis beacon (Lapis) = Night vision and gives XP

Quartz beacon (Quartz) = removes negative effects and night vision

I removed the normal beacon recipe

Its shown in the 3D Printer

One thing! You can craft one with the blocks and items.
You get the item from crafting or breaking the Beacons. The blocks you get when mining with silk touch



New beacon types:

Trap beacons!
They work so that if you step on them they give you the effects of the certain beacon!



Is in the 3D Printer



Powered beacon:

This is an new beacon type This works like an normal beacon. You just need to place it and your done!







also in the 3D Printer


Recipe of the 3D Printer:







Select version for changelog:


-added a 3DPrinter

-added lapis,redstone.Quartz beacon

.changed the beacon recipe


click on install

Turn on all experimental gameplay features on


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Dude which one is the resource and which one is the behavior
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im on mobile and i cant even place any of the beacons
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They are only placeable on Blocks like Iron blocks and Gold blocks or such
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Can you please add lapis, redstone and quartz beacons?
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I might will for sure in the future.
I will after the next update
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One Important thing!!
The texture might be buged.
I will fix it as soon as Possible
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CHORFI ABDERRAHMEN May 12, 2021 at 1:11 am
Really cool addition, but I will download it after the new update is released
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