Published on November 18, 2021 (Updated on June 23, 2023)

Beautiful Foxes Add-on | Update v9 (Dig & Explore)

Explore your world with new and amazing foxes, with many different breeds that you can find in the taiga, and not only is that, you can also tame them, take care of them, walk them and even sit them and accompany you wherever you go

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Patch Notes | v9

Beautiful Foxes v9 (Dig & Explore)

New foxes

  • Crimson fox
  • Warped fox
  • Pink petals fox
  • Colicott fox
  • Soul Sand fox
  • Brown Mushroom fox (this fox is a variant of the red mushroom fox)

New items

Special changes:

  • Foxes can now have collars and can edit you with dyes
  • Now the Sculk Fox can use the warden's "sonic boom" attack to defend itself or defend the owner of the fox (once the fox is tamed)
  • Now the Sculk fox can only be tamed with sculk berries which can be crafted using 9 echo shards and 1 glow berry
  • Now foxes can dig for special items and also patterns for armor trims etc etc...


  • The animations of the foxes were very slightly modified
  • Changed the title and logos of the addon
  • New sounds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where "Snowy black/grey/brown" foxes could still attack players except the owner of the fox
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost fox had no drop
  • Fixed a bug where foxes would no longer execute the jump attack to kill a chicken or some other entity

New structures

  • Nether Tower (found in all nether biomes)
  • Stone fox heads (3 variants) - (It is found in caves with negative coordinates -1 / -56)
  • Copper statue monument (It is found everywhere in the overworld)
  • Stone cutting stall (It is found everywhere in the overworld)
  • Fox house (It is found everywhere in the overworld)
  • Stone Fox Statue (found in cherry grove biomes)


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ok, dont get me wrong! i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this mod! I use it in almost all of my worlds, but i have a slight problem with it!
I noticed that the regular foxes body proportions are built weirdly compared to the kitsune fox. The kitsune fox is tall, its head is straight up, while the other foxes heads arent! I dont know if this is intended or not, but when i look at the normal foxes, it looks like they are leaning over and have no necks with stubby legs. Sorry if i came out as rude! My friend pointed this out to me so i was curios to know if it was supposed to look like that or was a glitch.

other then that, this mod ROCKS! I love the new foxes, especially the bloom fox! Also, maybe you should add ore foxes that are only found in caves, like a copper fox or diamond fox. And maybe even nether foxes or end foxes. Possibly even winged variants of the red fox or fenec fox? All the foxes designs and animations are super duper cute, especially the ear flicking and eye blinking, so awesome!

And i think you should add more fox building blocks, maybe a fox statue water fountain or fox trophy? Maybe even beds for the foxes to sleep in and accessories, like a fox collar you can put on the tamed fox, color, and take off, or a creeper hoodie you can put on the fox. Maybe even a dagger the fox can hold and fight for you when tamed. Those are just ideas :)

Another idea: Instead of having the foxes eat raw beef and regular sweet berries, i think it would be cool to add other berry bushes for certain foxes to eat, while some foxes can eat raw beef and sweet berries to get tamed. And with the food that is used to tame the fox with, you should be able to put it in a crafting table to make mushed fox food. And this can also add food bowls for the foxes, so you can put the mushed food in the bowls, and the tamed foxes can eat it to regain health.
Dude, please make the warden fox not attack, 20 of them spawns in the same area killing you instantly, Not fair, Pack should be peaceful foxes not hostile Cant use the pack till the warden fox is fixed
So, a lot of fox textures are bugged, and some just not completed.. Perhaps put off adding more foxes until past issues are fixed? And maybe either remove chainmail armour from their digging options or limit it to one set per fox? (one helmet, chestplate, pair of leggings, and boots each) because my friend and I have gathered a total of four doublechests worth of chainmail armour at this point, and it's lagging our world.
The textures on the foxes appear to be unwell. The ginger cookie foxes have a white overlay on them, the reindeer foxes aren't showing up at all, the skeleton foxes tails are tilted, and everything seems to be out of whack!
Yeah the reindeer foxes are totally invisible
Not to mention all the foxes whose immitation-3D elements (two-part 2D layers, like with your regular MC flowers) are all out of place and set as ear floof.. Example I've seen are lip fox, fennec fox, mushroom fox, and one other I forget which one. Surprisingly the bloom fox is unnaffected.
Bro, I don't know if this is just happening to me or not, but every time the orange fox and the kitsuni fox start digging, they change color out of nowhere. Like, when the orange fox goes digging, it changes to the snow fox and Kitsuni's red coloring changes to blue. I don't know what's going on for this to happen 😕
I think it's a registry thing. Because both turn into their cold-biome variants but not the other way around. It seems to me like the mod is struggling to identify biomes, and it just updates the fox's textures when they stop digging.. Perhaps to do with how the animation is initiated.
Bro, I don't know if this is just happening to me or not, but every time the orange fox and the kitsuni fox start digging, they change color out of nowhere. Like, when the orange fox goes digging, it changes to the snow fox and Kitsuni's red coloring changes to blue. I don't know what's going on for this to happen 😕
How do you tame them?
TokitaYomi よみ July 20, 2023 at 12:26 pm
when update 10!?
i am not here to talk about the addon now but rather to ask please update stardew valley texture pack
Just discovered they dig on things they should not. They don't just dig on dirt or other ground blocks, they dig on my log floor. :/
Please disable digging when a tamed fox is sitting. It makes them stand up, and leaves me unable to have them not tied to something. Leads become required if you don't want them following you into danger.
yes i dont like it because when i am building i punch them or they fall and ive tried with commands and all but i can make them sit
Different issue I found - There's a fox that's invisible (I can't identify it for that reason, only encountered it in survival so far, may update this post if I find the offending texture error)
- Edit, just got bitten by an invisible fox. Offending texture error may belong to demon fox. (Skeleton and wither skeleton foxes are appearing fine for me, and I've only been in the overworld with this new update so far)
(And to clarify for those who may question my use of "offending," I mean it in the sense of it not obeying the rules.)
Michiru fox still bugged, one back leg animates to the front when it runs. Its run animation is still cursed.
Edit - Just found that hitting it also sends the leg to its front. (A wild one stole an item from me.)
This is so cute! Do you plan on making a better wolves mod in the future as well? 5 stars!
Well, this isn't a BETTER foxes mod, it's a MORE foxes mod. It doesn't change vanilla foxes in any way.
Okay.... a typo...I meant a wolf version of the mod
Can you please optimize this for survival, I added it to my realm and it was very cute but the foxes were constantly making random dropped ores spawn and I had to remove it since that basically makes mining pointless. Maybe make it so that they only dig if you feed them a specific item?
Reducing the chance might be better. My friend and I were using it to make a superflat challenge possible.