Published on October 30, 2022 (Updated on November 08, 2023)

FNAF's Decorations v4 (Pre Release #1 - Bugfix) 🎤

An addon with which you can recreate the restaurant from the famous FNAF game but now in Minecraft Bedrock! this addon is currently still under development, so there are missing blocks such as those of FNAF 2,3,4,etc...

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Download fixed on MCPEDL app (This is not a bump,the download simply did not load correctly in the mcpedl app)


Version highlights

  • ​Foxy redesign + 4 variants
  • Plushies and Pirate cove sign with advanced rotation
  • Many redesigns
  • Now the items "remove tool" and "rotate tool" indicate which entities can be rotated or removed with the remover tool item (still in beta)

Changes & Retextures

  • New foxy redesign!
  • Cupcake redesign + golden variant
  • Now chica, foxy, freddy and bonnie have more variants
  • The turn-on radius of the "light button" block was reduced to prevent the lights from turning on on both sides of the office
  • The "light lever" and "electric wires" block now have a texture and model based on FNaF Movie
  • The "ceiling black" block was slightly redesigned
  • Redesigned (fnaf movie interior) blocks
  • Now the plushies have a better rotation as does the pirate cove sign
  • The fnaf 1 posters were redesigned (chica, bonnie and freddy)
  • Hyrxs plush redesign
  • Some unicodes redesign


  • Fixed an issue where the "cupcake" and "golden cupcake" blocks had the wrong texture and model
  • Fixed a bug where Chica and Bonnie did not reach the "stage plate" block
  • Fixed a bug where the blocks "Freddy stage plate","Bonnie stage plate" and "Chica stage plate" could not be removed
  • Fixed a bug where the office door could not be removed with the "remove tool" item
  • Fixed a bug in which the items "FNAF4 Drawer left","FNAF4 Drawer right" and "Closet door" did not have a texture
  • Fixed a bug where the cameras and tab face were not working (thanks MC :/)
  • Fixed an issue where the "Pizzeria chairs" block did not have a collision and you could not sit on it either
  • Fixed a bug in which some blocks in "FNAF Movie Interior)" had their textures stretched
  • Fixed a bug where the "office window down" block did not match the new wall textures
  • Fixed several z-fighting issues


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Thanks to an error in the downloads section, the addon cannot be downloaded from MCPEDL for android/ios,i am aware of this problem and i will try to fix it
Hello, I'm recieving a problem whenever I put on the mod and it won't show, I have all the required experiments on. I have used the mod in a different world and it worked just fine, but I'm not able to use it in my worlds anymore. Is there a way I can fix this?
yo guys did you see the trailer crazy right? i want to play it NOW but still broken cameras and roatating robots evry other day bruh
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cameras dont work in the 1.25 fix please
sorry if i am germany and not american
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today is free day its 06:53 yeah i hate school
and he literally like a 10 year old and wrong spelled the grammar of his english subject
who do you mean?
you should release the update to next year🙂 because that foxy guy is a big brain maniac that doesn't know where the update is coming and F*ck u foxy guy for not cooperating in the chat section your just making every single drama in front of the creator so f*ck you b*tch
ey if ya read this that guy is a dummbo
GUYS get this to a 5 out of 5 right NOW he deservs it DO IT BOYS AND GIRLS
i found a anoing bug the plat forms right the robots roated after time in the wrong derektion pleade fix or tips becuwe its REALLY anoyng thanks :)
hi hirxs i saw the spring lock viedio so wenn does it come out?
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So, I was wondering, since seeing the "Addon Images" section, how to change the animatronic variants.