Published on April 15, 2022 (Updated on December 06, 2023)

Better Birch Leaves

Tired of a monotony in all the leaves of trees that you see? Well this texture is for you; changing the color of the birch leaves to make them look more similar to real life and adding that detail that makes your Minecraft look much better

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Changes in the Link Shortener ( From Linkvertise to Boostellar )

Little changes in the textures

Internal code modifications to change internal aspects of the texture


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May I have permission to use this pack in a mash of pack of mine?
I'm sorry, but no, that's part of my plans.
It's super cool like all your accessories or rather textures. A variant texture would be great that makes the Birch leaves fall orange 🍁, that mix of orange, brown and red is great, a texture that will just add the color of the birch tree leaves to one of the leaves would be great autumn orange color, it would be great and would give more life to minecraft bedrock landscapes
Can you please link an image of it here? That way I can use it as a reference image if I do decide to add it in.