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Published on July 30, 2020 (Updated on July 30, 2020)

Better Blackstone

Have you ever looked at blackstone and thought it was too purple, that it didn't actually look black? This pack can fix that for you, it re-textures all the blackstone blocks to actually be black instead of the dark purple.  As a bonus it comes with a few extra things, if a pack is using my custom double slab template, or you are using one of mine then it will give you blackstone pillars, blackstone tiles, and small blackstone bricks!

Here are a few pictures of the blocks:

This is with the Custom Double Slab Template enabled:

Note: All textures here are made by me, do not claim them as your own, id used in any projects be sure to put the mcpedl link not your own.

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Fixed the download link which led to Better Flowers Originally.

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i was after the double slab thing, is there any chance you could create a cleaner texture of the original blackstone with the doubleslab texture?
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im confused on how i get the pillar and the other one, i tried using dobule slabs but it wouldnt work
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