Published on June 25, 2020 (Updated on July 01, 2020)

Better Crimson And Warped Blocks

Have you ever thought that the Crimson and the Warped Blocks look a little bit too alien? Well this is the texture pack for you. This changes the Crimson and Warped Stripped Stems, Stems, Planks, Trapdoors, and Crimson Doors They have a much more red tone and the warped have much more of a sea green tone which can go with other overworld blocks easily.

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1. Added warped Variants 

2. Changed the Screenshots

3. Added Sub-packs option


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fssdgjuhfdsretretre May 01, 2021 at 2:49 am
for some reason the crimson wood wont work its just the default but the warped wood looks amazing and yess i put it on crimson and still didnt work but good work.
pls make the crimson lighter becausse it looks wierd when the plannks are darker thna the wood
What are the textures for the white bricks and glass panes? Also, I LOVE this texture pack!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Those are gonna be in a new pack im gonna be releasing soon its gonna be called medieval blocks. Also thanks for the compliment!
So I've decided to make a version of the warped!
However I don't know if it should be lighter or darker.
So should I make it darker or lighter?
Let me know with a reply!
ok so update i have made the texture pack include warped now. So now we just wait for the admins to take a look at it.
You should make a settings so we can changed it if we want darker or lighter..

Sorry if my english is bad , its not my first language
Nice Texture Pack! Hope you make more in the near future
This one's going in my global resources. Much preferred over the paleness of default crimson blocks.

p.s. 60° to 70° field of view is best for screenshots
Thank you for the compliment and next time I'll make my screenshots a bit better since im not to happy with them.
What about The Warped Block?
I may add a version of the warped block but the reason i didn't add it was because I thought that it didn't need a change it already matched the warped forest biome and could be used in a variety of builds. Which is what I thought the crimson blocks needed.