Published on February 14, 2022 (Updated on February 13, 2022)

Better Enchantment Summary (Translated to PT-BR!)

This is a Texture Pack which helps you to Know Better about the Enchantments. I translated it from Sunbun1232 cuz i wasn't able to use it on Portuguese. Btw i putted some colors into it to make it look better and cleaner(The colors are only available for Portuguese, sorry). (PT-BR): Esse é um pacote de texturas que ajuda você a ter um conhecimento melhor sobre os encantamentos. Eu traduzi ele porque eu não conseguia usar em português. Além disso eu coloquei algumas cores pra fazer o pacote ficar mais bonito e agradável. Créditos: Sunbun1232 

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Added the proof needed to upload the pack.
And thats it!



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why don't you also change the names of certain items like Java edition?
so i dont know of what are u talkin about