Published on February 14, 2022 (Updated on February 28, 2022)

Better PVP Tool Names

This texture pack changes the name of the: Swords, Bow, Crossbow, Arrow, Snowball, and the Egg. I need an image for the texture pack, pls don't hate me. If you have a bug report or a suggestion, please send it down in the comment section, it is there for it, i will like it and awnser it at soon as possible!

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(Message for admins: in that case, u can leave like that, im new to the platform so i didn't knew it, sorry for wasting your time...)



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Finally updated! If you have any suggestions, reply this comment with em!
Finally updated! If you have any suggestions, reply this comment with em!
Pretty good for newbie players
You Should Make The Description Under The Item Name!
Because The Name Is Too Long When On The Crafting Menu...

For Example:
Diamond Sword
↳ Upgrade To Netherite Sword
idk how to do that, lol
sorry dude.
if u know and can explain how, pls tell me ok?
Uhh...I Also Don't Know How & That's Why I'm Asking...
But Try To Find An Addon That Adds Items With A Description Under Its Name!

And I've Tried Making It Too, But It's Ruining My Items!
I Decided To Shorten The Description So It Doesn't Cover The Screen...
ok,i will, ty for the suggestion!
i tried everything, there isn't a way to do it with texture/resource packs, its something related to the NBT data of the item, so you can only do it by commands in java and via MCEditor in Bedrock.