Published on October 21, 2021 (Updated on September 21, 2023)

Better Faction v1.1.19

Better Faction is an add-on (script) for pvp faction server, it include some custom command in chat and allow to add home, warp, create faction and more, create custom display, private chat group, translated in different language. The pack Need to have API BETA Experimental feature checked. (keep in mind it's in development) have fun.
The mod work on xbox, ps4, w10 and pocket edition.

copyleft licence.

if you want to see all command and a better explanation fell free to join us on discord :

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Update 1.1.19

Module update ! Now you can manage a group of command by switching on and off the module, here the list of them : 

- home (+home, +sethome, +delhome) 

- faction (all faction command)

- warp (all warp command) 

- tpa (+tpahere, +tpa, +tpayes) 

- chat (+chat) - lang (+lang) 

- money (+balance, +pay) 

- shop (Work in progress) 

- rule (+rule) 

you wan manage module with 2 command : 

+module -> UI -> you can manage module for a specific player 

+set -> UI -> Module Command -> you can manage module for all user or/and future user 


improvement : the minimum recommended refreshTime for the script is now at 5 tick by default (was 10 before) 

fix : online player were updated every Tick even if no modification was added. (so free server like aternos will run smoothly) 

edit : +help now tell if the command is an UI and explain how to use them. 

fix : when starting the game or reloading some server with a big player database (around 600 player) might have loose data, it's now fixed, and the recommended max user in a database is around 20 0000 players. 

fix : module in 1.1.18 weren't worked.

IMPORTANT : if you do this update don't forget to do "+update" after starting the world or you wouldn't be able to use any command !!!

Note : don't forget +update

see more on


Supported Minecraft versions

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you can contact me on discord if you find any bug, i keep send fix and update on discord
how to set up pay I gave a money dummy
hello the link for the discord server is not valid
Thanks man, gonna credit ya in my mc server.
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does it work on 1.20.10 too?
Very confused on how the money works
yes i understand, come on discord the community can help you to make a shop easier ❤️
How to put Gametest framework on, on bedrock
it's "api beta" in experimental feature =)
There is a function for issuing a prefix through a tag?
Nice work, my friend)
Bro, can you uptade mod for version 1.19.50? Pls i neeeeed!
Hi there Art43, currently minecraft bedrock is on addition 1.19.41 and I think that messed with this addons functionality. I'm on xbox and whenever I load into a world I get a prompt in red saying "one of your behavior packs failed to load". As of right not it looks like this script in not functional on the new version.
Can u update it to the most recent update for minecraft cause even after I do +update it doesn’t work all the commands are broke
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Hello to everyone. (I like this addon!! it is so cool!!). There is many features and like it!!!
I changed the manifest of this addon and now it is possible dowload it. here it is link to dowload

I hope i will not break any rules if I will upload this file.
Just dowload it and run and Minecraft will be launched and addon will be dowload.
MCPEDL will not allow you to post links in responses. You have to put spaces throughout different places in the link after slashes and dots and such.
The downloads are put on wrong and the ones that say v22 aren’t right bc the link for them is actually the one for v14